Oktoberfest is back, but the beer prices are not happy. Visitors will pay more than 13 euros for a tuplak

The traditional celebration of beer, the world-famous Oktoberfest, returns to Munich after a two-year covid break. However, the beer festival will be more expensive for visitors this year. Prices for a liter of beer will range from EUR 12.60 to EUR 13.80, which is almost 16 percent more than in 2019. The organizers published the price list on the festival website.

The one hundred and eighty-seventh year of Munich’s beer celebrations, to which people come not only from all over Bavaria, but also from abroad, will be held this year from September 17th and will last until October 3rd. However, there have been changes since the last festival in 2019, especially regarding the prices of drinks. For example, beer lovers pay 1.80 euros more for a liter in the Armbrustschützen-Festzelt tent. Three years ago, a liter cost 11.70 euros, according to the current price list, people pay 13.50 euros.

The prices of Käfer Wiesn-Schänke and Marstall tents also rose significantly, by EUR 1.90 to EUR 13.70. A liter in the Ochsenbraterei costs exactly two euros more, which people will buy this year for 13.50 euros. The most expensive remains white beer in Weinzelt, which now costs 16.80 per liter, 90 cents more than before the pandemic.

The event is organized by the city of Munich, which points out that it does not set beer prices. “However, the city, as the organizer of Oktoberfest, controls the prices of restaurateurs so that they are reasonable. In addition, it compares the prices with the prices of large gastronomic establishments in the Munich metropolitan area,” the organizers write on the website. For beer, these prices are currently 6.70 euros and 11.20 euros per liter for export, they add.

However, higher beer prices are not new. Recently, Czech breweries have also reported price increases, citing sharply rising costs, especially for energy. We wrote about it here, for example.

Even those who avoid alcohol will pay extra at the beer festival. According to the organizers, a liter of ordinary water will cost 9.67 euros on average (in 2019 it cost 8.87 euros). People pay 10.35 euros, 79 cents more, for a liter of the “spezi” mix, which is made from orange lemonade and cola.

Several million people visit the event every year and over seven million beers are drunk. Oktoberfest has a benefit of around 1.2 billion euros (31 billion CZK) for the Bavarian economy. Due to covid-19, the organizers canceled the celebrations twice in a row. Last year, the temporary beer festival was moved to restaurants, where operators of Munich pubs and restaurants organized an alternative program.

The beginning of the beer festivals, which gradually turned into a gigantic commercial enterprise, dates back to October 1810. After their wedding, then Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and his wife Teresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen organized a festival with a horse race for the inhabitants of the kingdom on a meadow outside Munich. The event was a success and began to be held regularly as an October celebration, i.e. Oktoberfest. It kept its name even after the organizers moved its start to September due to warmer weather.

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