Betaglucans for resistant and beautiful skin

We present you with beta-glucans, a key ingredient that increases the skin’s resistance to negative effects that cause it to tighten. talk about them as a cosmetic ingredient of the future. but you can discover this novelty now with the Czech signs IUVENIO.

Anti-aging food CALM IUVENIO

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Clinical studies confirm the benefits of betaglucan in strengthening the body’s defenses. But do they have the same positive ink on sex? Studies confirm that beta-glucans improve the defense mechanisms of the body, so that it better resists negative influences, such as sunlight or a harmful environment. In addition, it slows down the hardening of the skin, improves its regeneration and has a demonstrable effect on the reduction of wrinkles.

Expert in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery MUDr. Petra Moravcov from the aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery clinic DIVINE CLINIC confirms the positive effect of betaglucan and recommends IUVENIO as another home pi o skin. Antioxidants such as betaglucan in CALM feed contribute to the fact that our skin copes better with oxidative stress. It gives the skin immediate comfort, a beautiful texture and a youthful and fresh appearance. Betaglucans are a recent trend in cosmetics.

Betaglucans improve defense mechanisms

Rejuvenated, nourished and soothed skin in one product

You can familiarize yourself with betaglucans thanks to the CALM anti-aging food from the Czech hi-tech brand IUVENIO.

CALM feed strengthens the skin’s resistance to negative influences that cause it to stiffen. In the compound feed, you will find two perfectly complementary beta-glucans, one from mushrooms and the other from yeast. To increase the resistance of the skin, write comprehensively on several levels. Strengthen the horse’s barrier, act as an antioxidant and support the horse’s microbiome. The perfect anti-aging effect complements the depth of hydration.

You can buy IUVENIO at the e-shop It is a cosmetic product that supports the skin’s natural processes, resulting in a more youthful-looking skin. The IUVENIO cosmetics portfolio includes, in addition to the calming anti-aging food CALM, for example. nanofiber serum NANO, he and pleov serum CROSSLINKED, pleov essence FRESH, collagen booster VITAL and non-anti-aging food against imperfections RETOUCH. The innovative vegan compound containing hi-tech active ingredients is suitable for every skin type and age category. The products do not contain perfume, dyes or parabens. That’s how the cosmetics of the future look.

IUVENIO cosmetics portfolio

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