Bohemians 1905 footballers won 2:1 in Brno and won after three rounds

Bohemians 1905 footballers won 2:1 in Brno and won after three rounds
Bohemians 1905 footballers won 2:1 in Brno and won after three rounds

Brno – Bohemians 1905 footballers won 2:1 in Brno in the seventh league round and won after three matches. After David Puskáč’s penalty and Antonín Křapka’s goal, Prague led 2:0 at halftime, Michal Ševčík reduced the score for the newcomer after the break. Zbrojovka did not score at home for the second time in a row.

The first half went to the guests, who already led in the third minute. First Puskáč aimed his head at the crossbar, but in the following fight Endl fouled Hronko in the box and Puskáč converted the awarded penalty.

Řezníček could have equalized in the 18th minute, who got behind the defense, but goalkeeper Valeš was attentive. On the other side, Brno goalkeeper Berkovec performed against his former club when he eliminated Květ solo.

Prague got their second goal five minutes before the break. After a long drive, Köstl extended the ball to Křapka and the visiting defender scored his third goal in the ongoing league season.

Brno was sent into the second half by alternating Fouska with Alli, who immediately took part in the contact goal. He found Ševčík in the box in the 48th minute and Zbrojovka’s top scorer scored his fourth goal in the league with a hard shot.

Bohemians 1905 could have added a third goal in the 69th minute, but Berkovec dealt with a hard blow from Hůlka. The home team then increased their activity, but the result of the pressure was only Řezníček’s goal disallowed due to offside.

In the 85th minute, substitute Hála could have definitively decided the victory for Prague, but he criminally failed to take advantage of the two-on-one escape. The Bohemians midfielder was caught by the home goalkeeper Berkovec.

When Fousek headed over the home team from a good position at the end, Bohemians got their first victory after three rounds. Away from home, Prague have yet to lose in four matches this league season.

Post-match votes:

Richard Dostálek (coach Brno): “The lack of concentration in our own penalty area and the bad discipline of the players at the beginning of the match cost us a good result today. Although we had a lot of time to do something with the result, the second goal brought further complications. The first half simply slipped through our fingers. timid performance, I was not satisfied at all. In the second half, we showed that we know how to play football and that the team has strength. Unfortunately, we did not equalize. The terrain, which was not good today in Serbia, did not help us either. Bohemka has her quality, she is playing excellently this year, which she clearly proved it with us.”

Jaroslav Veselý (coach Bohemians): “We had an excellent first half. We deservedly led 2:0 and, in all modesty, the result could have been even higher. At the break, I told the boys in the cabin that it was definitely not over and Zbrojovka would go for it. And unfortunately, right at the start, we got a contact goal. Overall, I have to say that we worked hard to win. Zbrojovka played excellently in the second half and it was clear that their results were not accidental. Three points are very valuable for us, we had to defend them, fight hard and fight until the last minute. “

Zbrojovka Brno – Bohemians Prague 1905 1:2 (0:2)

Goals: 48. Ševčík – 3. Puškáč z pen., 40. Křapka. Referee: Křepský – Antoníček, Dohnálek ​​- Orel (video). ŽK: Hrabina, Šural, Endl – Puskáč. Viewers: 5526.

Brno: Berkovec – Hrabina (84. Přichystal), Šural, Endl, Granečný (55. Matejov) – Ševčík, Texl, Blecha (46. Alli), Souček (70. Hladík), Falta (46. Fousek) – Řezníček. Coach: Dostalek.

Bohemians: Valeš – Köstl, Křapka, Hůlka – Dostál, Jindřišek, Květ (63. Hála), Jánoš (77. Krch), Kovařík (88. Nový) – Hronek (88. Bartek), Puskáč (77. Mužík). Coach: Cheerful.

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