What happened – Invisible dog

What happened – Invisible dog
What happened – Invisible dog

Everyone turned out for Saturday’s anti-government demonstration at Vclavské Square in Prague. Among the first was Prime Minister Petr Fiala and he made the mistake of not cheating, or at least not drinking until ten. No one will answer him that it was a demonstration of Putin’s actions. I will quote another witness, who watched the demonstration from the vantage point of the dome of the National Museum. It was full of people, I was visiting the museum on a Saturday. A sympathetic mood. Mom explains the razor: Look, Maruka, the people down there are fighting for your freedom! The paradoxical thing is that Petr Fiala was essentially right. This is how she reports on the Pravda, the Russian demonstration, once Lenin’s: The organizers say that the Czech Republic should declare itself neutral and free itself from political subordination to the European Union, the World Health Organization and the UN, guarantee the population cheap gas supplies from Russia and free Czech industry. from dependence on foreign companies.

It was really bad, we heard it in the PM broadcast, and the press office also bought it very correctly. The message of the political group organizing the demonstration was clear: Czechia can leave the decaying political, military and economic structure. This under the slogan of neutrality and independence. or kill the current regime, pull it off, grill it and put it on Putin’s shoulder. The press drank the people and many did not realize this duty. They are freed from what will be, from what the government has done and, most of all, not done, not with anyone and they are willing to see anyone who offers some kind of hope. Like the good mother naked in the museum, who knows that General Blako is the best fighter for her daughter’s future.

From the point of view of the organizer (who is it? who paid for the sound system, stage, plaques? who is Ji Havel?) it was an unorganized rush and the events will continue, the deadline of the 28th was announced (if the ultimatum of the government’s resignation is not met). It’s similar to Mila’s moment in him, with one important difference. MIPRD was aimed against Babio, but supported Demoblok, i.e. opposition political parties. This composition openly does not support the lower parliamentary party (on its website In the first place we find MP for the SPD Kobza, but otherwise there are figures such as Docent Evek, General Blako, Zuzana Majerov, Jiho Skly, and of course Petr Hjek. It is clear from this that Petr Fiala was absolutely right, but he didn’t say it so undiplomatically.

So what happened, the response of the demonstration is so great that it left a mark and the actions will continue. The response from Babi’s ANO and Okamur’s SPD is largely unknown. The new movement is not only anti-establishment, such as the SPD, it is literally subversive (what is the liberation of Czech industry from foreign companies, the birth code of Mlad Boleslav?). If such Andrej Babi, who had the problem of gathering two hundred people around the residence, started to cooperate with people capable of getting a crowd of 70 people to Vclavka in the first place, if Andrej Babi shook hands with them, he would go to the stand with them and be ardent for leaving NATO and limited UN influence? How would he complain about subsidies for bakeries and Agrofert in Brussels?

Or, on the contrary, and this is political science fiction, will this thing that happened act as a wake-up call, and in times of unrepentant crisis, the axes will be buried and the parliamentary parties will stop to drag their feet and unite against a common opponent, who obviously wants to overturn the political development? And finally, how will the unions behave? Towns (let’s leave them alone until they come up with a normal name) want to organize hundreds. Is it conceivable that the candidate for the presidency of Stedul would go well with them?

There are many questions, the answers will take days and weeks. Let’s not be surprised…

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