Bizarre death. A naked man was found tied up and surrounded by sex toys

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When firefighters arrived at his apartment in the town of Courbevoie near Paris, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The man’s naked body was lying on the bed in the bedroom with a plastic bag over his head and his legs tied. In addition, sex toys were strewn all around him.

Rescuers could only declare death on the spot and hand over the case to the police. The public prosecutor in Nanterre then opened an investigation into the circumstances of the Parisian’s death.

Mysterious death

The strange thing about the whole case was that there didn’t seem to be any struggle in the apartment. The police also ruled out a burglary. “According to our information, the door to the accommodation facility was firmly closed when the emergency services arrived, but not locked,” an anonymous source told French newspaper Le Parisien.

According to the investigators, there is no indication at this time that the man was murdered. However, local sources add that the incriminated apartment was in a terrible condition at the time the body was found. Because of this, authorities believe the man may not have been alone before his death.

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The cause of death remains unknown at this time. “According to initial findings, there were no signs of a match on the victim’s body,” a source close to the case told Le Parisien.

One of the investigative versions is that the man defecated himself using sexual aids and suffocated himself while doing so. The police also did not rule out a planned suicide or sexual dalliance with another person who could have escaped from the apartment after the fatal accident.

However, the exact cause of death will be clarified only after the results of the ordered autopsy and toxicology examination.

Another bizarre death

Probably the most famous death during sexual games was caused by a Hollywood actor David Carradine, who was known primarily for his role as Bill in the popular film Kill Bill, but also for other films associated with kung-fu. The body of a 72-year-old man was discovered by a hotel maid in Thailand.

The actor was hanging naked in the closet and had a thin cord tied around his neck and penis. According to investigators, he attempted autoerotic asphyxia, where a person achieves orgasm by strangulation or suffocation.

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In 2011, exotic animal owner Sam Mazolla choked to death on a sex toy. In the bedroom of his house, he was found face down on a water bed, tied to him with handcuffs, chains and padlocks. “He was also wearing a leather mask with a zipper over his eyes and mouth, and a two-piece metal ball covering his head,” NBC News quoted the coroner as saying.

Source: Youtube

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