She was paralyzed in a car accident, but still makes a living as a fitness trainer For women

Nicole loves exercise, healthy eating and most of all helping people change their lifestyle. After a serious car accident four years ago, however, she lost her mobility from the waist down. “I didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that I was a wheelchair user. I hated the sight of a wheelchair. But at the same time, that anger motivated me to change.” says Nicole.

The young fitness trainer realized that this was her life at the moment and it was up to her how she would deal with it. Therefore, she began to work hard on herself, honestly rehabilitated and tried to get back in shape. “I had to learn what is suitable for my new body, what to exercise and most importantly how!”

Later, Nicole realized that no one actually told her if she was doing it right, she had to know for herself. “I saw it as a big problem, I thought I was on my own.” She therefore decided to continue in her fitness field, but in a slightly different way. She became a wheelchair fitness trainer for people in wheelchairs who are interested in getting their body in shape and keeping it as fit as possible.

Nicole created an online presentation to inspire other wheelchair users to stay active. She has an Instagram account and website where she works to create a space for the disabled community in fitness. “It was such a hole in the market. No one had yet given space to people with physical disabilities. You can exercise regardless of what you look like.” Nicole says.

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