Online application vs. online form. Finding a simplified housing allowance questionnaire remains confusing

Applicants for housing benefit can now do without paper forms and a personal visit to the employment office, but finding a simplified online application is difficult for some.
Author ▪ Lukáš Bíba

WITHAccording to the government, the housing allowance is especially intended to help people cope with high housing costs, including record-high energy costs. But in practice, according to experts, only a third to a quarter of eligible applicants draw this benefit.

The reason is, in addition to low awareness of contributions and the shame of asking for them, the complexity of the entire process.

Officials have greatly simplified the original multi-page forms, but finding a shorter and more user-friendly one is not entirely easy. It runs at the same time as the original one, which is considerably more complex.

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Tags: Online application online form Finding simplified housing allowance questionnaire remains confusing

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