Whoever proclaims neutrality wants to subjugate the country to Moscow

Whoever proclaims neutrality wants to subjugate the country to Moscow
Whoever proclaims neutrality wants to subjugate the country to Moscow

Sweden and Finland applied to join the Alliance and ended their neutrality. In this short sentence, all the absurd illusions and meaningless expectations placed in the word “neutrality” are reflected.

The only “neutral” country in the world that could and can wear this epithet at least somewhat meaningfully is Switzerland. For historical, geographical and other reasons, which you will not find elsewhere in a similar combination. Switzerland is an anomaly that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

It lies between the great powers, the French, the German and the Mediterranean element. At the same time, it is a mountainous, hard-to-conquer country, through which the main military conquest moves do not lead (when the Germans attack the French or vice versa, they move north, when the Austrians conquer Italy, they move east, when the French try to do the same, they move west). The Swiss are at the same time a mix of French, Germans and Italians, they can be trusted to secretly sympathize with none of these great powers, or sympathize with all of them. At the same time, they know how to provide valuable services (banking, precision engineering, mediation…), but at the same time – and this is key – the profit from these services is greater for the surrounding powers when the Swiss provide them as an independent, not occupied country, therefore no one can occupy it or too much he didn’t want to (not even a crook like Hitler).

Note that these are all circumstances so extraordinary and random that they mostly do not result from the will of the Swiss themselves. The need of the surrounding countries to have a small nearby country in such a unique position is key. Neutrality does not depend on the will of a given country, but on the will of all surrounding countries to respect it, under all circumstances. And such an anomaly happened only to Switzerland, for other countries the declaration of neutrality is only worth the paper it is on.

Other “neutralities” are more or less farces or another name for a subordinate position. Austrian “neutrality” was just a forced concession for the withdrawal of Russian troops and just such a farce. The Russians still perceived Austria as a solid part of “imperialist capitalism” in which there were no American bases. Finland’s “neutrality” was again just a forced concession by Helsinki to protect the country from Soviet post-war occupation. If the Finns could, they would unite…

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