How to help in a bicycle accident with a car? This is what the visitors of Lipno learned

“We cannot do without them in critical and dangerous situations. Fires, accidents in cars and on bicycles, natural disasters, injuries, underestimating one’s own strength in difficult terrain – real heroes, firefighters, rescuers, and police officers, intervene and help everywhere,” she informed about the Day with The integrated rescue system (IZS) in Lipno, which took place on Saturday, September 3, Olga Kneiflová. We thank her for her contribution.

At the Kingdom of the Forest in Lipno, visitors to the Autumn Day with IZS could see a program mainly related to the topic of a collision between a cyclist and a car. “It’s a very frequent accident, especially in areas popular with cyclists, such as Lipno,” explained Olga Kneiflová. Examples of the work of the IZS units in such an accident were on display. Although it was simulated, the work of the firemen, policemen and rescuers was like a real event. The aim of the event was education and prevention, so that there would be as few dangerous accidents as possible.

Demonstrations of the work of the IZS units were also on display, among them, for example, police dog handlers, the intervention of firefighters during a simulated release of a dangerous substance and other work of firefighters that is not only related to fire. Visitors and paramedics could watch the resuscitation and learn more about resuscitation, how to treat a victim and how to proceed. The mountain service demonstrated abseiling from the Trail through treetops.

“The Day with the Integrated Rescue System is a very popular and well-attended event in Lipno. The main theme changes every year. This year we chose a collision between a cyclist and a car, because Lipno is a paradise for cyclists and we need to think mainly about preventing unfortunate events. We try to remind children even for adults, the rules of behavior on a bicycle and in a car, consideration and patience. We thank all the components of the Integrated Rescue System for their willingness to participate in our regular educational event every year,” says the press spokesperson of the Lipno Family Complex, Olga Kneiflová.

The Fire Rescue Service, the Czech Red Cross, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Water Rescue Service of the Czech Red Cross, the Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior, the Mountain Service, the Medical Rescue Service and BSIP participated.

“For children and adults, the Day with the Integrated Rescue System is an exceptional event. Not only will you see the hard work of today’s heroes with your own eyes, but you will also get important information thanks to which you can save someone’s life. Or at least prevent dangerous situations,” adds Olga Kneiflová.

Olga Kneiflova

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