Kalousek: A decent person does not go to a demonstration organized by a Russian troll and where communists and Nazis spread hatred


Was the September 3rd demonstration a success for its organizers?

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“Yesterday ‘burritos, beer and hatred’, today thanks for a piece of safety and human life. We can each choose according to our own taste.’

This is how former Minister of Finance and founder of TOP 09 Miroslav Kalousek reacted to the news that several hundred Ukrainians passed through Prague on Sunday to express their gratitude to the Czech Republic for its approach to the Ukrainian crisis and its care for war refugees.

“Normal, decent people have been chosen a long time ago,” one of the discussants agreed with Kalousko.

“Just like those who shouted in Prague yesterday,” she added.

However, the MP for the ANO movement, Martin Kolovratník, apparently shot down the mention of decent people. He did not hesitate and as a reaction to her words, he posted a collage on which the well-known member of the ODS and the mayor of Reporyj, Pavel Novotný, is depicted in positions that can be called delicate.

“That is a fact. It’s good to know that you also have your own clear style,” added Kolovratník to the photo.

Nor did another debater send a positive response to Kalouska, who wrote the following with an obvious allusion to the statement about two sweaters by Kalouska’s successor, Adamová Pekarová:

“Exactly Mirk, in the winter we warm ourselves with love for Ukraine and wear three sweaters to sleep.”

The hate sentence, however, was questioned by more people.

“Hatred? People were annoyed, helped, called doctors. It needs to drink less, Mirda,” wrote another discussant.

But that was not all that Miroslav Kalousek posted on his Twitter. A few minutes after the aforementioned announcement, he added another comment, this time on the words of MEP Tomáš Zdechovský (KDU-ČSL), who wrote:

“Yes, the main convener of the demonstration is a pro-Russian troll. No one worries about that. But there is B. It has occurred to her and they share concerns about the future, a number of decent people who are afraid, and that needs to be taken seriously. People don’t want benefits, they want to live normally.”

In his commentary, Kalousek once again mentioned and ironized precisely those “decent people”.

“A decent person does not go to a demonstration organized by a Russian troll and communists and Nazis spread hatred there in touching agreement. I am concerned about the condescending attempt to humanize such a crowd and call them ‘decent people’.”

A lot of people reacted to this tweet as well, and the reactions were both positive and negative. An interesting discussion could be seen, for example, under this reaction.

“When I listened to how Minister Síkela is going to change the savings tariff again on CT, and right after that I heard another package of measures in Germany, which is not waiting for any European solution and is taking action, so I will go to the next demonstration even if it is organized by the devil,” he responded one debater on the words of the Minister of Industry and Trade Síkela (for STAN).

But another discussant disagreed with that.

“The difference between us and Germany is that there they created a financial cushion during times of plenty, while we got even more in debt,” his colleague responded and continued.

“There is nothing to shut these people up, only to get even more in debt, and thus deepen the problems.”

However, the third debater disagreed with this argument, pointing out that the Czech Republic is far from being the most indebted country in the EU.

“Germany is more indebted than the Czech Republic. So we cut it off.”

But the second debater did not let himself be beaten and insisted on his point.

“Germany borrows at a much lower interest rate than we do. Then he can afford even more indebtedness,” he concluded the discussion.

But another debater agreed with Kalousko completely without reservations.

“Turn around 180 and shove them in the ass so they don’t say anything. Decency is not measured by wealth or education, I am sure that many of those who have already been significantly affected by the current situation or will be affected again, would not even stick their nose in there. Yay to the crowd that applauded these organizers. Whoah, whoah, whoah!”

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