With the American nature, they could do much more, tough new Plkov

They are united by a sense of self-irony. a hunter must be able to respect that he is a whore, declares Friedl, former world champion in doubles and Wimbledon champion in the mix with Daniela Hantuchová from 2001.

Their performance on the court is similar. Plkov m the rise of ice queens. And he was a walking statue, a forty-five-year-old trainer from Jindichova Hradec.

KP in the round of 16

Plkov advanced to the US Open as one of the last six, and will face Bloruska Azarenkova (online HERE) in the quarterfinals on Monday at approximately 21:00 Czech time.

How do you rate Karolna’s performance in New York so far?
He plays very long. And not only here. At the end of this week’s training in Marbella, his game has definitely moved forward. In San Jose, she defeated Boulter after two rounds and had a close match with Anisim. In him, she was just revealing that what I want from him really works. It was fully confirmed in Toronto, where she reached the semi-finals.

What fulls did you enter the angam with?
Of course, I had some things in mind that Kja needed to change. Even for a tennis player who was the first in the world, the tree of the game has to be moved to go in whatever is possible at the moment.

Can you be more specific?
It is necessary for both to play on the line and not only in cross country. It is also about tactical elements that influence the development of the rescue. Or about the pi uritch ders built and their execution.

She had problems with her leg before the US Open. Were you surprised that there was basically no mention of this incident in the transport?
The injury slowed us down. In fact, she couldn’t play for a week. But she had form from the previous tournament. We knew that after the tennis side it would be good, but it was necessary to get together healthy, which was possible at the last moment.

She laughed, when even after returning to the court you repeatedly claimed that I had a false form. Are you right?
U is part of the real time. I just slowed Kyu down a bit. The first thorn after the break was excellent. The game is a shame, it’s only kind, there are a lot of thorns in the mountains. Jene Kja is an exception, he should not pay this.

At the age of 30, he is a complete mess. How can I drive potential? could you catch up together?
Kja pod plays and hopes to win a grand slam one day. It needs two hundred percent strength. We hope that it will be successful, but we are going back and forth. He can cover time, and brilliantly – on par with world number one or Grand Slam champions. We just need to coordinate everything and time it so that it collects the excellent rescues at the right time.

So after your own handful of curry, you moved like a dog in the men’s circuit. Did you get to know the English one too?
Yes, men’s and women’s tennis are played in the mentality of the game. But I have experience with girls, for example, from the club in Jihlav, where the Fruhvirt sisters played in the extra league for us one year.

You also helped Karol a year ago, when Sascha Bajin was waiting for him, right?
Yes. We normally met at tournaments, after which I rode with Filip Polk, Ivan Dodig and John Peers. We have known each other since we played in the extra league. And if we sit on the human side, it was confirmed last year during the month here in America.

What is special about her as a tennis player?
He is able to fulfill what is asked of him during his life and to respond to his development.

In the courtyard, he usually behaves calmly and phlegmatically, eh?
Yes. We know how someone behaves, what I know from myself. I also thought I was positive on the court. And when I let you go, don’t look at me. I was a walking statue.

Is he lying?
We have a certain image of ourselves, but on the outside we look different. Kja is the co-center. Obas would do well if she laughed. Obas backs down. The movement and the body also get better with it. We are at a standstill and we know that there will be progress.

Anyone who knows Karolna will be pleasantly surprised by his character. What experience do you have?
We humanly sat down. We are similar, which surprised me. What people see on TV often does not match reality. Someone looks like everyone loves him. Only in reality it is not the same as the opposite. But then again, we can’t have everyone’s turn. Sometimes it’s better not to hate your people. We would have a lot of friends.

Do you think you can make fun of yourself?
That’s the longest. Anyone who can’t do this goes against the reindeer. I had the same thing. the hunter has to respect you even in his life: I’m a whore! That’s the reality. When I screw up something that I don’t normally screw up, it’s just a fact. And I’ll look again so I don’t make the same mistake. We don’t have the American character, with which they would be able to do much in general – not only in sports. But then again, we are an icon.

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