The trial for the Nice attack begins in France, the masterminds and accomplices are missing

The trial for the Nice attack begins in France, the masterminds and accomplices are missing
The trial for the Nice attack begins in France, the masterminds and accomplices are missing

Paris – After more than six years since the terrorist attack in Nice, a trial will begin today in Paris, before which neither the masterminds nor the accomplices will stand, the French media write. On the national holiday of July 14, 2016, a Frenchman of Tunisian origin, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, killed 86 people with a truck, the police shot him dead on the spot. The court has previously ruled out that any of the eight accused were directly involved in the crime, but will examine the extent of their involvement in the preparations and whether they knew about specific plans. A large-scale process is thus underway in France, in which it is mainly a matter of coming to terms with the past.

The attack in Nice is the second deadliest in France since the end of World War II, writes Le Monde. It was surpassed only by a series of terrorist attacks in different parts of Paris, which claimed 130 lives on November 13, 2015. The trial of the sole survivor from Paris ended with a life sentence at the end of June, and the two trials are often compared. They take place, for example, in the same specially adapted courtroom in Paris.

An Albanian family gang, a former prostitute and an old friend of the main perpetrator will sit on the dock, writes Le Figaro newspaper and describes in detail their past and connections. Two of Bouhlel’s close friends face 30 years behind bars, one of them helped him rent a truck, the other helped him get a gun. Both deny guilt. A twenty-seven-year-old drug dealer who sold a gun from a trafficker to the perpetrator for 1,400 euros (34,400 crowns) is facing a life sentence. The second group of defendants consists of a group of Albanians involved in the arms trade and the former partner of one of them, a prostitute who acted as an interpreter during the negotiations.

865 people who were injured in the attacks, their loved ones died or feel they have been harmed have decided to join the lawsuit. At the trial, 250 of them will testify. “A tsunami of horror, physical and psychological injuries, the inability to grieve and rage will flood the light-wood paneled Paris courtroom,” writes Le Monde.

“Testifying before the court can bring peace to the victims,” ​​says Fabien Rajon, who represents 30 people in the case.

Lawyer Olivia Chalusová-Pénochetová represents 45 people and admits that some of them had to be convinced to join the lawsuit. They were discouraged by the fact that the reenactment was taking place in Paris, 700 kilometers from Nice, where the attacks took place and where many of them live. They are also bothered by the absence of the main perpetrator. The lawyer advocated for the trial to be broadcast live in Nice, BFM TV writes.

In the Palace of Congress in Nice, they modified one part of the building, there will be a live broadcast of the trial for the public. The hall with three large screens can accommodate up to 500 people. In another room, facilities were created for the families of the victims, who can watch the trial here in private and have their own entrance, as described in the BFM TV report.

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