Dog Fates: Meet Teddy, who fought a two-headed dragon

When a dog leaves us, the whole world is covered with black clouds for a while. It will never quite disappear, thanks to our love it is still with us. But he would certainly like us to offer our home, a warm place to sleep and goodies to another furry one, perhaps one in a difficult situation who really needs a home. Such was the situation of little furry Teddy, who, despite his health problems, brought new light to the home where Eny from Dog Fate left in the summer.

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We adopted Teddy this spring. A small furry dog ​​in poor health. His liver was almost failing, he had to be immediately given all possible medication to support it. And to make matters worse, Teddy also tested positive for anaplasma bacteria at that time, which causes a disease called anaplasmosis or ehrlichiosis. Manifestations? For example, vomiting, diarrhoea, stiffness and joint pain. Teddy was probably bitten somewhere by a tick that carries this bacteria.

It wasn’t the worst in the shelter, at least they helped me there. But home is home.Source: Vojtěch Nekarda

Appropriate veterinary treatment was instituted and all that was left to do was hope. Teddy was fighting a two-headed dragon – it really was a lot for such a little dog boy. And yet he was still the good, cuddly little sunshine, even if he really wasn’t well at times.


Teddy got rid of the anaplasm, his liver improved, but he was still on medication and would be forever. There will be a need for a family that can take in an older dog that is not completely healthy. Teddy is small and extremely cute, but his new owner needs to have the courage to accompany him in his daily life and on his worst days, give him medicine, have his condition checked regularly at the vet. Our friendly photographer Vojta took amazing photos for him in search of a new home – and now we just have to wait for the right man or woman.

Tonic shortly after rescue.

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In August of this year, we were contacted by a lady who adopted Eny two years ago, whom you already know from one of the previous episodes of Dog Fate. The little brown female went through a lot of neglect before the owners gave her up and she got to know nature, sunshine and love in temporary care and in her new home. Now we have learned that Eny has passed away. She was already older and had a heart problem. But she only had to enjoy the summer three times, as it should be, and she had a royal time in her new home, surrounded by love from morning to night.

With a new mistress.With a new mistress.Source: In the name of a dog, vol

The lady has now come to us for another dog, to whom she will offer a new home and in it everything that Eny enjoyed. Among all the dogs, she chose Teddy. We are especially happy for this and thank her very much for it. Teddy really needed a home – despite his huge furry cuteness, he had been looking for new owners for a few months. That is why we are very happy that he went to this family, which does not hesitate to help where it is most needed.

Sylva Kaplanová

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