At 19, he won 276 million. He blew it all for drugs and girls. Today he works seven days a week

In Britain, Michael Carroll is the most famous lottery jackpot winner of all time. His story, when he won 9.7 million pounds (about 276 million CZK) as a 19-year-old garbage man, which he managed to completely squander over several years of debauchery, was widely reported in the media at the time. So Carroll had to return to his original profession. But what does a man who could have taken care of until the end of his life do today?

Although it might seem that Michael will be unhappy with his youthful recklessness, the opposite is true. In the past, he confided that he has no regrets and that those years full of parties, alcohol, drugs and sex were worth it. For example, he once boasted that he slept with four thousand women, and his morning usually began with three lines of cocaine and half a bottle of vodka before he even got out of bed.

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Today, 39-year-old Carroll, who won the dream jackpot twenty years ago, now works seven days a week importing coal to fishing villages in Scotland. His current life is thus miles away from the one he got used to after winning. At that time, it is said that naked women brought him cocaine on trays, and he allegedly had eight of them in bed at once. He referred to his wild parties as ‘Roman-style orgies’ and admitted that he spent £50,000 (about 1.4 million CZK) on them. At the same time, he was able to give two thousand pounds a day (about 57 thousand CZK) for drugs.

Although he eventually had to return to hard manual labor, he insists that it was the best ten years of his life. “I don’t look back with any regrets, I wouldn’t want to turn back time,” added Carroll.

Dagmar Plecháčová ,

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