Honza (38): I ignored my wife’s obesity for years. A holiday with friends opened my eyes

I am shocked by what I discovered on a recent vacation with friends. We rented a large family house and were looking forward to new experiences. Instead of being happy to be with my family, I realized how big a problem my wife Vanda (35) has.

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On vacation, I realized how awful my wife looks

It’s certainly not like I don’t know that Vanda is alive. It does, but I’ve never seen it as a problem. That was until a recent vacation with friends. We went to Moravia with five other families. It was mainly my wife’s friends, they were married couples with children. For the first two days it seemed like we were going to have an amazing week.

But on the third day I realized that there is a significant difference between women. All the other moms were playing with their kids. They ran around the garden, jumped on the trampoline or played ping-pong. Only Vanda was sitting and loading herself with something in one piece. When our children provoked her to go play with them, after five minutes she was out of breath.

I began to observe more there how much my wife eats. For dinner, she had three burritos, a slice of meat and three loaves of bread. As soon as she finished it, she was already taking the children’s cookies from the bag. No one there ate as much as she did. And I’m not talking about how much alcohol she managed to drink in an evening. It dawned on me that I was ashamed of her. I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

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I envied other men their wives

The worst moment I experienced was the day we uncovered the tarpaulin from the pool and went swimming. It was a great sight to see the firm asses of the other mothers. But then Vanda rolled in and I was almost surprised by the beer. I don’t know where my eyes have been for the last few years. How come I didn’t do something about it?

I realized how much I envy those other guys their beautiful wives. When Vanda sat next to me and I smelled her sour sweat, I fainted. I actually didn’t get to enjoy the rest of my vacation. I kept secretly watching both my obese wife and the other wives. I kept asking myself where I went wrong.

On the one hand, I felt sorry for Wanda there. She sensed from me that something was up. But I didn’t want to tell her on vacation that I was sick of her. But her laziness and bad eating habits limited us all. It was not possible to go for a longer walk or the bikes we wanted to rent. Everyone was tactful and preferred not to plan any such activities.

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Laura (39): Husband complains that we have fat children. But he himself is too lazy to go out with them

Fortunately, the wife admitted her problem

After returning, I gave myself a few days not to unpack it on Vanda right away. But when I saw that she was eating a bagel in two bites, I went for it. “This has to stop,” I sat down next to her. “Go on like this for a while and you won’t be dead in a year,” I began sharply. Vanda immediately understood and put the food down. As if she was waiting for it.

“I need help. I don’t know when I’ve had enough…” she said, breaking into tears. Even though it wasn’t a pretty sight, I was actually glad she admitted it. He has a long way to go. However, I believe that if I support her, next year she will also be able to show a solid ass at the pool. I blame myself too, I overlooked it for years. I believe we can do it together.

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