Daisy Lee and Rika Fane have a blast on an electric scooter. They filmed the rough fall – eXtra.cz

Daisy Lee and Rika Fane have a blast on an electric scooter. They filmed the rough fall – eXtra.cz
Daisy Lee and Rika Fane have a blast on an electric scooter. They filmed the rough fall – eXtra.cz

Adult film star Daisy Lee has a blast with her friend and co-star Rika Fane on an electric scooter. They were driving along the road in the evening when a bus overtook them, Rika was startled and pulled Daisy’s handlebars to the other side. Daisy shared the video on her Instagram. Apparently they were both a little socially tired.

Porn actress and influencer Daisy Lee, real name Karolína Urbanová, she couldn’t control the electric scooter. Her friend and colleague from the industry Rika Fan she ripped off her handlebars after being startled by an overtaking bus. Both “actresses” fell to the ground, resulting in a scraped knee and scraped shoe. Daisy shared the entire video on her Instagram.

Both fell like peaches

Daisy wrote on the post itself. The video is a lesson not only for us, but for everyone else who is stupid and does stupid things. We don’t want to entertain you with this video, but we want to be a good example for you not to endanger your health and that of others. You don’t even know how quickly this will happen just by driving and not paying attention through Prague in the evening. Since we are already the role model for some, we would like to guide you in the right direction and not only to shoot hardcore scenes, as you write to us. See you then electro veterans” Daisy warned.

Daisy then commented on the whole situation. “We almost ran into a lamp. If I hadn’t had my platforms, I would have had my leg and my flesh cut off.” Daisy described. At the end of the video, Rika asked the fans if anyone owned a “leather shop” that Daisy would be really happy to repair her high boots. Rika Fane, in her own name Hanka Džurbanová, became famous thanks to the SuperStar competition, but today the eighteen-year-old star is dedicated to a completely different industry. He acts in films for adults.

Fan reaction

The fans commented on this post, but they don’t really thank you for the warning, rather they don’t understand it. A reasonable person will immediately think of how to ride on it and not. And certainly not in two, if it’s for one,” writes a follower. We also drive in pairs, but only one drives and normally responsibly, so I don’t understand how this happens. You look more like you’re under the influence.” writes another. “Two Pipes,” another fan told them without pity.

Editorial office eXtra.cz recently reported on her ex-boyfriend’s statement Matyáš Stiglitzwhich on social networks wrote that he would show people what Daisy really is that she makes a fool of herself. They have an ugly conflict with the porn star regarding the abortion that Daisy recently underwent. She accused him of beating her like a dog, he refutes the whole thing by saying that there is no point in arguing with a gingerbread woman.

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