I will kill covid, disinformation and the extreme right. Who performed at the demonstration against the government?

70,000 people came to the anti-government demonstration on Saturday.
Author ▪ TK – Michal Kamaryt

OFRoughly 70,000 people demonstrated on the weekend against the government of Petr Fiala. Then, in response to the protests at Vclavská Square, the Prime Minister said that the actions were called by voices that claim to be pro-Russian, have close to extreme positions and are against the Czech Republic. For which he was criticized by trade unions, political competitors, but also some party colleagues. According to them, it showed that people are underestimating the fear of the energy crisis. But who performed at the event, which was organized by Ji Havel and Ladislav Vrbel, who themselves are not politically engaged?

Petra Rdov Fajmonov (candidate for Sent for the Prvo Respekt Expertise group – PRO)

Petra Rdov’s videos are relatively famous in Czech. The disinformator praised the anti-covid attitude, and even when she claims she works as a nurse in Brno, according to the server Manipultoi.cz, all the hospitals there distanced themselves from her. Esotericist and operator of the e-shoppesto talked a lot about the fact that the vaccine develops mutations of the virus, the more old the hunter is, the more sick he will be.

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