The new British prime minister is the Human Grant Trussov. Horror, e relations with the EU blow up

In the 2016 Brexit referendum, Liz Trussov voted against the UK leaving the union. Now, however, Euroscepticism is very hard.
Author ▪ Reuters

Psince God exists, he did not listen to the requests of the European Commission. “We pray that the new British Prime Minister is not Liz Trussov,” said HNOne of them off the record. Similar feelings were far from being shared not only by the people of Brussels, but also by the majority of politicians in the European Union. Their fears have come true – it is Trussov, the current foreign minister, who will oust Boris Johnson and lead the British government on Tuesday. It was decided only by the British Conservative Party, which elected Truss in an internal party ballot.

The reason for such strong European concerns? Truss’s threat that the termination of the current agreement concluded between Britain and the EU would be negotiated by the British government, of which she herself was a prominent member. Euroscepticism has become very hard in recent months. And this despite the fact that in the referendum on Brexit in 2016 she voted against the United Kingdom’s exit from the Union and emphasized how important EU membership is for Britain. Now the case is Brexit “with the ferocity of fanatical conversion,” as one Guardian commentator called it.

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