Liftor lifting table: Assembly, configuration, free samples and price

Liftor lifting table: Assembly, configuration, free samples and price
Liftor lifting table: Assembly, configuration, free samples and price

A lifting desk can very well solve the discomfort of sitting for a long time. It is ideal not to work and play only while sitting. Thanks to adjustable desks, you can also stand while working.

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A lift table to work and play poker? Advantages and comparison

Playing poker often involves long hours of sitting at the computer. Nowadays, of course, this ailment, which brings various health problems, also affects a large part of the population, for whom the PC is their main work tool. However, thanks to adjustable tables, you can minimize health risks and relieve problem areas such as the back and cervical spine.

A huge advantage is the possibility of working while standing. You will especially appreciate alternating sitting and standing positions when playing long poker sessions. When choosing a specific table, it is therefore important to choose a high-quality adjustable table. At the same time, it is advisable to have a memory controller that allows you to save selected height positions.

Positioning table price: Load capacity, height and more

Positioning tables are logically more expensive than regular static ones. When creating the price, several parameters decide, such as load capacity, speed of height change, processing quality, materials used and others. However, compared to a classic table, adjustable ones have a number of advantages for your health. Nowadays, the range of lift tables is quite large, so you can choose quality pieces.

One of the manufacturers of lifting tables is Liftor company, which has almost every conceivable option in its portfolio. So you can configure the table exactly according to your needs.

Liftor Vision table review

The Liftor Vision is a golden middle ground if you want to choose a quality table at a solid price. At the same time, this type is also the best-selling model. This electric lift table can be adjusted in height range 62 cm – 127 cm.

A big advantage is the already mentioned memory controller with LED display. The massive construction offers a load capacity of up to 100 kilograms and two electric motors adjust the height at a speed of 35 mm/s.

The movement of the table during positioning is completely smooth and without unwanted shocks, so there is no danger of spilled drinks or the monitor falling during height transitions.

You can configure the table yourself. There are several types of leg construction to choose from, including three colors. You can then choose the board thickness and dimensions. Liftor can make a non-standard size for you within 24 hours.

In addition to a large selection of classic board materials, which include oak, walnut, cherry and others, you can also choose a “gaming” finish, which is logically appreciated by gamers in particular, but with its appearance, it is also suitable for ordinary, more modern homes.

Liftor table assembly and video

The Liftor adjustable table arrives in two boxes and the assembly itself is not complicated. You can easily get by with a Phillips screwdriver. Build time is approximately 90 minutes. In Prague, you can also order the composition itself for a small additional fee. However, the following video will probably suffice for most people:

How to sit correctly? Alternate between sitting and standing when playing or working

Correct seating is absolutely essential if you want to avoid unpleasant health problems. The basis is a straight spine and straight shoulders. The correct setting of the work surface and a quality office chair will help you to do this. Do not sit slouched under any circumstances.

The basis of correct sitting is:

  • Upright head
  • Relaxed shoulders
  • Straight back
  • Pelvis slightly raised above the knees
  • Feet resting on the floor with their entire surface

At the same time, it is essential not to sit for too long. The ideal choice is to combine sitting with standing at the computer. Alternatively, take small breaks after about an hour and at least move around a bit and take a walk.

Liftor table – free samples

If you want to choose from the range of Liftor boards, you can take advantage of sending free samples. Just click on the “Assembly table” tab on the website and then on “Free samples”.

1️⃣ Why is it appropriate to have a height-adjustable table?

Optimum desk height adjustment will help you prevent back pain and other health problems. At the same time, you can alternate between sitting and standing, which has a number of benefits for your body.

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