VIDEO: Turbines, generators and outlet. All this was seen by people in the underground of the waterworks

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Everyone who passed by the waterworks at the weekend could see the inside of the Skalka waterworks in Cheb. As part of the open day organized by Povodí Ohře, guests were able to see places where no one normally gets to.

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The Skalka waterworks opened to the public.

| Photo: Jan Burianek

At the event, the visitors learned a lot of interesting things, for example, that the dam’s embankment is stony, loose and was created from 1962 to 1964. The material for the construction of the embankment was mined in the former stone quarry, where today the archery section is located. The visitors also learned about the activities of a small hydroelectric power plant, which was built between 1998 and 2000. It is located several tens of meters underground. The Skalka water reservoir protects the city of Cheb from floods and is used for recreation. Electricity is produced by two Kaplan turbines. The guests looked underground and into the part where the dam outlet is located. Due to noise reduction, the power plant was suspended during the event. The water managers released the water through the safety spillway. Otherwise, it only opens in the event of a flood.

Skalka Reservoir has an area of ​​338.5 hectares. The maximum depth is twelve meters and the volume of the dam of the reservoir is 19.555 million cubic meters.

The reservoir was built between 1962 and 1964 to supply water to downstream industries and power plants and as flood protection. Secondary purposes are the production of electricity in the Skalka Small Hydropower Plant. On the banks of the reservoir are the settlements and villages of Skalka, Podhoří, Cetnov, Bříza and Pomezí nad Ohří.

A bridge of road I/6 leads over the reservoir at the border. The reservoir also fulfills the function of flood protection of the city of Cheb.

A major problem is the practically annual overgrowth of cyanobacteria, which makes swimming impossible for most of the summer season.

The reservoir also protects the city of Cheb from floods and is also used for recreation – swimming and sport fishing (fish consumption is prohibited due to the higher mercury content). In the years 1998–2000, an additional safety spillway covered by a valve and a new small hydroelectric power plant were built at VD Skalka in the area where the dam is connected to the right bank. The main purpose of this reconstruction was to increase the safety of the waterworks during an extreme flood. In the immediate vicinity of the waterworks there is a city conservation reserve and the medieval center of the city of Cheb. Not far from the water reservoir is the peaceful Františkovy Lázně with healing mineral springs.

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