The threat of bankruptcy and bankruptcy. Industrialists at Fial, call for a ceiling price for energy and help

The industry is one of the industries threatened by the energy crisis – Illustrated photo.
Author ▪ Honza Mudra

OFThe pillars of the Czech industry are sounding the alarm. Nine leaders of Czech industrial unions have written an open letter to Prime Minister Petar Fial (ODS), warning of rapidly rising energy prices. According to them, this should lead, for example, to a ceiling price, a motivation for energy disputes or you in the debate about the permanent halt of the trading system with emission allowances.

Compared to last year, energy prices are at dramatically higher values. While last year one megawatt hour of electricity cost around 100 euros, on Monday it was over 500 euros. At the end of August, the pitom even hovered around 1,000 euros. The price of gas in Vráž is rising again on Monday due to the fluctuating supply via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline from Russia. It’s a problem for ad esc companies.

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