Hundred years after the carousel accident, she gave up the honor from Havova

Hundred years after the carousel accident, she gave up the honor from Havova
Hundred years after the carousel accident, she gave up the honor from Havova

Havov Municipal Cultural Center is a local organization of the town. Havovsk organizes the festival as a regional festival of miners, which was previously hosted by the company OKD.

People started asking about the return of the entrance fee even at social gatherings. A two-day ticket costs 300 crowns in advance, 450 on the spot. A one-day ticket can be purchased for 200 crowns, 300 on the spot.

Let’s liquidate the arel. It has not been decided how the entrance will be returned, said the editor of the center Yvona Dlbkov.

She added that it is not entirely clear what will happen with some bands that did not perform after the ceremony. The We Are Domi band and the moderator of the Saturday program, Petr Rychl, told us not to ask for the honor, the editor said.

The center did not negotiate with other performers such as Kabt, Wanasto Vjecy and Lucie Bl. The next step has not been agreed upon, but we will do it in the following days, said Dlbkov.

According to all of these performers, they were paid in cash for their performance. According to unofficial information, it is hundreds of dollars for each of these inks.

Primtor: I stand by my decision

The festivities were canceled at approximately 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Josef Blica, who stood by his decision. I could not imagine that we would pretend that nothing had happened when so many people were injured here, among them many children, he stated.

The accident of the extreme version of Etz’s carousel happened on Saturday around 3:15 p.m. Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, the structure carrying the seats fell to the ground, where it rolled. People at the attraction were then injured due to the railings and cash registers.

The police are investigating Saturday’s carousel accident in Havov in Karvinska, in which seven children between the ages of seven and 12 were injured, as a general risk of negligence. Vinka jet unknown You don’t have a bad situation for weeks and months. expert opinions will be expected, among other things.

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