Negroni Week: How to best celebrate the world’s current most popular cocktail

According to the ranking of the prestigious magazine Drinks International, the Negroni is currently the most popular cocktail in the world Photo:

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The Negroni isn’t just an iconic Italian cocktail. It is a lifestyle and a cultural element that many personalities have fallen for over the last century. Even an agent with a license to kill couldn’t resist his taste. Although James Bond is mainly associated with vodka and gin, a keen eye may not have missed that in the well-known short story Risico he ordered the legendary Negroni.

We can only thank the trick of fate

According to barman Lucy Picchi, the leading expert on this cocktail, the history of the Negroni dates back to Florence, Italy. However, the person behind its creation is not a bartender, but a famous aristocrat with a busy life named Camillo Negroni. He allegedly ordered the popular Americano cocktail in 1919 in the Florentine cafe Caffé Casoni. However, Count Negroni did not want to mix the cocktail with the usual soda, but with gin, so that the drink would gain strength. Bartender Frosco Scarselli complied with his wish and added his own creativity to the prepared cocktail. He used an orange instead of the classic lemon that usually garnishes Americano drinks.

You will simply fall in love with the bitter taste of Campari with the subtle sweetness of Cinzano Rosso vermouth

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Of course, today we can only speculate whether Count Negroni’s decision was driven by his mother’s English origins or his rich New York experience, when he apparently got used to a higher level of alcohol in the United States. Be that as it may, the Negroni cocktail was born. It didn’t even take two years and the cocktail spread even beyond the borders of Italy.

How to properly mix an iconic cocktail?

In the original recipe, gin (Bulldog), Campari and Cinzano Rosso vermouth are represented in equal parts. Gradually pour all three ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir gently and pour through a cube strainer or block of ice into an old-fashioned glass. For decoration, use a splash of orange peel, which you then put into the drink. Negroni is best served as an aperitif. Its bittersweet taste is great for whetting your appetite.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare a traditional recipe, the Negroni in “ready to enjoy” form is the ideal choice for you. Campari Negroni, in which all three ingredients are in equal proportions, consists of one part Campari, one part red vermouth and one part gin. Serving is thus very quick and simple thanks to this variant. Just fill the glass with ice, pour Campari Negroni and garnish the cocktail with an orange slice.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare a traditional recipe, the Negroni in “ready to enjoy” form is the ideal choice for you

PHOTO: negroni

Jubilee Negroni Week is approaching

During the week of September 12, bars and restaurants around the world will be mixing the popular Negroni drink and its variations. As part of the 10th anniversary Negroni Week, you can taste it in good bars and restaurants throughout the Czech Republic. With this unique incentive for celebrations came the magazine Imbibe Week, which initiated not only the celebration of one of the best cocktails in the world, but also the fulfillment of the idea of ​​helping this event to raise funds for charitable causes.

This year’s charity partner is the global Slow Food movement, whose philosophy is based on current themes such as sustainability, education, equality and diversity, with hospitality, food and drink interwoven throughout the programme. With a global reach, Slow Food conveniently has its roots in Italy, the birthplace of the Negroni. Slow Food represents the ethos of Negroni Week, which aims to cultivate community, promote equality and justice, and strive for a better world for all through food and drink.

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