A court in Pilsen judges a woman for not taking her daughter to the hospital for a necessary eye operation

A court in Pilsen judges a woman for not taking her daughter to the hospital for a necessary eye operation
A court in Pilsen judges a woman for not taking her daughter to the hospital for a necessary eye operation

Plzeň – Today, a 28-year-old woman from southern Pilsen began to testify at the Regional Court in Pilsen. The indictment accuses her of repeatedly disobeying doctors’ instructions last year and not taking her then four-year-old daughter to the hospital for emergency eye surgery. The operation was necessary due to an injury – the child allegedly poked himself in the eye with a crayon. However, he was admitted to the hospital only after the intervention of the police several months after the accident. It was too late to save her right eye, and the child will never see again, the prosecution claims.

For the charged act, the woman faces up to 12 years in prison. The public prosecutor proposes a sentence ranging from 5.5 to six years in a prison with security. The woman does not feel guilty. She said she would not hurt her daughter because she loves both of her children. However, in court today, she was unable to explain why she did not listen to the strict instructions of the doctors and did not take the child to the hospital. “I know it’s not good that she’s going to be blind like this for the rest of her life,” she said. She said she didn’t take the child to the hospital because she was confused after two abortions and after experiencing covid and didn’t think much of it. “I don’t have that mindset, I don’t get it right away,” she said. But she was aware that the child’s condition would not improve on its own. She then testified that she was unable to find anyone to take her and her daughter to the hospital.

According to the indictment, on May 10 last year, the mother came with the child to the eye clinic in Dobřany in the Pilsen Region. The doctor found that the child had a perforation injury after being poked in the eye and the cornea was affected. She warned the mother that the child must immediately go to the specialized eye clinic of the Pilsen University Hospital and that it is necessary to urgently operate on the injured eye so that the child does not lose it. The doctor also issued a voucher for transport by ambulance to the hospital, the prosecutor said.

However, the mother did not take the child to surgery, nor did she provide treatment for her daughter’s injured eye. Three months later, on August 11, according to the indictment, the woman arrived with her daughter for treatment at the Klatovské hospital. To cover up the neglect, she claimed to the treating doctors that the child had injured her eye the previous day, according to the prosecutor. Even in Klatovy, the doctors advised the mother about the seriousness of the injury and the need for surgery, but the woman did not take the child to the university hospital either. The girl did not receive treatment until August 13, when the police intervened. But the doctors discovered that the damage to the right eye is irreversible and the operation will not help the girl regain her sight. “As a result of the failure to provide specialized care for an untreated perforating eye injury, a post-traumatic cataract, retinal detachment and total blindness occurred,” the plaintiff said. However, if the child had reached the hospital in time and undergone an immediate operation, it would have been possible to save the sight and visual acuity, experts said in the preliminary proceedings.

The court adjourned the hearing to October 19 and 20. He will interrogate doctors and experts, among others.

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