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The energy crisis, which was also blamed on Czech citizens by the Czech government, is now having its effects on a large number of households. And it hasn’t even started in winter, when energy (in households) is consumed by far the most. The Institute of Prevention and one long-term project has enormous impacts on the core of companies, households, but also on public organizations, both state and self-governing. They are trying to achieve the dream of the strongest shocks in the form of a one-time, huge production for energy through a professional initiative called For energy without foreclosures.

The current state of problems associated with the energy crisis

Anyone who visits the website of the initiative for energy without foreclosures will immediately expect and be amazed by the following: We are facing an unprecedented crisis that no one anticipated and no one was prepared for. The effects on the economy and financial health of the people of R are already there today, and their effects will deepen. They affect everyone from the most vulnerable to the middle class.

To back up your words with facts, regularly update the real development of energy prices, inflation (even if only from the data of the Czech Statistical Office), the number of disputes in households and the ratio of housing rent to total household income. As of 2022, the situation is as follows:

rise in priceselectricity and natural gas reached 700%

inflationit is now at 17%, also state that the rate is around 20%

no more than a tenth of the household’s income 45 and more % only for housing (due to the high energy prices, half of the Czech households have sweatshops)

from the last survey of the Czech banking association, it appears that about a quarter of Czech households m disputes only in vi single salary.

How are the consequences of the Institute?

It’s a bit far-fetched, but let’s see what consequences of the energy crisis are now expected at the Institute of Prevention and one in advance. They also included the socio-political development that regularly accompanies such events in their search. History has shown us several times that when such a tendency is strong, the worst outcome is once again the population (households, consumers). What impacts are being talked about in the Initiative:

oekv se nrst sweat of individuals and families in foreclosures – the impact is derived from experience from 2008 – 2012, when basically a tenth of the nation was in foreclosures

calm down mass bankruptcies entrepreneur and crippled by the environment

opt will deepen split between regions

there are also preferences among the voters extremist groups and movements

The problem is the complexity of creating a government future even for the most vulnerable

The Institute of Prevention and one pedluen, but do not throw a gun in it, on the contrary, with the current situation take as an invitation. This is evidenced by the motto of the initiative: The problem is the complexity of creating a government future even for the most vulnerable. On the pages of the project, also present the steps to help people, companies and the state in this situation:


The institute died extender of the camp to disputes and the use of available alternative sources of energy, to increase financial literacy and orientation in the field of energy, campaign information on currently available preventive tools to reduce the risk of arrears and subsequent foreclosures, campaign on state support options.

The essence of education is i tips for ethene, in which the bag is only recommended for those who pay you for streaming services, have a mortgage or pay off a new loan. If you would like to spend more tips on other weddings, even just from the spare crowns from the payment, we have prepared a link for you, where we discuss how to avoid unnecessary weddings. Many householders are probably not even aware of their existence. Pitom dock in the long term to prepare a penny for a higher percentage of household income.


In this area, the initiation and support of legislative and other measures towards the state started, pressure on the state to simplified access to building state supportin order to introduce crowdfunding, new forms of support and to regulate the energy market, which is of strategic importance

Tool support

More support equipment is also prepared. The initiative appeals energy supplierto be willing to pay bills, to connect to debt and debt counseling services, and to predict waves of arrears and unpaid deposits for themselves in detail.

The employer The Initiative will try to reach out to employees with an offer of education, with options for proactively addressing energy poverty, provide them with space and experience for systematic work in the area of ​​debt and enforcement, and teach them how to negotiate company-wide tariffs with energy suppliers as well as for employees.

Want to get involved too?

The initiative For energy without foreclosures calls on everyone who can join the campaigns to do so. Get a lot flying squadrons, a document, but also an electronic bannerwhich can easily be entered on the pages of both private blogs and individual companies, employers, etc. Libraries, for example, could play an important role in the development of this initiative.

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