Liz Truss will be British Prime Minister, she won the Conservative election

Liz Truss will be British Prime Minister, she won the Conservative election
Liz Truss will be British Prime Minister, she won the Conservative election

London – Liz Truss (47), who was elected head of the Conservative Party, will become the new British Prime Minister. 81,326 conservatives cast their vote for her. Her opponent Rishi Sunak got 60,399 votes. The Queen Elizabeth II. appoints the new head of government to the post on Tuesday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

In a short speech after today’s announcement of the results of the internal party elections, Trussová thanked “her friend” and outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In response to the long-lasting crisis of confidence of the public and party members in his person, he decided to leave his post in July.

After the results of the vote were announced, both Johnson and Sunak wrote on Twitter that the Conservatives should now unite behind the new prime minister.

“I will govern conservatively. I will push through a bold tax cut plan that will grow our economy. I will solve the energy price crisis,” Truss said. She also promised a “big victory” for the Conservative Party in the 2024 election.

Truss and Sunak have been courting the Conservatives all summer as they travel across Britain meeting with party members. “Our two excellent candidates underwent 14 hours of interviews and answered more than 600 questions,” said Andrew Stephenson, deputy leader of the Conservative Party, before introducing Conservative 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady to the podium to announce the results of the vote.

The Conservatives who elected a new prime minister differ from the average British public, for example, in that 63 percent of them are men, most of them live in London and the south of England, and 76 percent of them voted in favor of Britain leaving the European Union in 2016 .

To the function of Elizabeth II. will introduce Truss at Balmoral on Tuesday at 14:30 CEST. In Britain, since the time of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, it has been customary for new prime ministers to be inaugurated at Buckingham Palace. The change of venue is likely to spark further speculation about the health of the 96-year-old monarch, who has refused to attend several public events in recent months due to health problems, BBC analyst Sean Coughlan said.

The Queen will first formally dismiss Johnson from office on Tuesday before summoning Truss to ask if she is ready to form a government. It is customary for the outgoing Prime Minister to give a speech outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street before traveling to see the Queen.

The Independent’s political editor Andrew Woodcock said in an interview with the BBC that the new British prime minister usually has time to enjoy a short “honeymoon” after his inauguration. But Trussová will go “straight into the hurricane”. “People are facing poverty, businesses are at risk of collapse. We need solutions very, very quickly,” Woodcock said.

In an interview with the BBC, Truss said that she will present her vision of an energy policy that will bring a solution to the rising cost of living within a week.

Sunak and Trussová as two competing candidates emerged from the multi-round voting of 357 conservative MPs. The broad membership of the party then chose between the other two candidates. In a July poll by YouGov, half of the members surveyed said that the “honesty and integrity” of the new leader was important to them because of the scandals that have marked Johnson’s tenure.

Respondents to the same survey also expressed a desire to return to “conventional Conservatism” with an emphasis on cutting taxes and government spending, which is in line with the Truss agenda. However, some experts interviewed by Sky News said the future prime minister’s economic visions were “like something out of a fantasy story”.

Another chaos and crisis awaits Britain under the Truss government, the opposition says

The leading representatives of the British opposition criticized the next British Prime Minister Truss. According to opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer, he is not on the side of working people. Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey said her leadership of the country would bring more crisis and chaos. This was reported by the DPA agency.

Starmer said Truss had heard far more about corporate tax cuts than relief for private households. “It shows that she is not only measured, but that she is not even on the side of working people,” declared the head of the Labor Party. He added that Truss should focus on the rising cost of living crisis, the poor health system and also on crime.

Even Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey did not spare criticism. “Under Liz Truss we are in for another crisis and chaos like under Boris Johnson. The Conservatives have shown they don’t care and have no plan, from the extraordinary cost of living to the NHS crisis,” he tweeted. According to him, Truss should stop the rise in energy prices and then call a general election.

The first reaction of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon sounded a little more positive. “Congratulations to Liz Truss. Our political differences are deep but I will try to build a good working relationship with her as I have with the last three Prime Ministers. Now she must freeze energy bills for people and businesses, provide more cash support and increase funding public services,” she wrote on Twitter.

The head of the EC expects that Britain will comply with the agreements under the leadership of the new prime minister

Today, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, congratulated Liz Truss on her new role as British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party. She expects Britain under her leadership to comply with all aspects of the Brexit agreement, Reuters wrote. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wished the Truss many successes. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“The European Union and the United Kingdom are partners. We face many challenges together, from climate change to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I look forward to a constructive relationship while fully respecting our agreements,”

head of EC von der Leyen on Twitter.

The German chancellor said he “looks forward to working together” with Truss in these difficult times. “The UK and Germany will continue to work closely together as partners and friends,” Scholz said on Twitter.

Zelenskyi thanked the outgoing British prime minister for the “personal courage and principles” with which he stood up to Russian aggression. Johnson has been one of the most vocal supporters of Ukraine resisting the Russian invasion. “I look forward to working with a great friend of Ukraine in (his) new position,” the Ukrainian president added.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov made the comments before the conservatives announced who had won their internal party vote. “I don’t want to say that things can change for the worse, because it’s hard to imagine anything worse. But unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out, given that the candidates for the post of British Prime Minister have been competing in anti-Russian rhetoric, in threats of further actions against our country and so on. That’s why I think we can’t hope for anything positive,” Peskov said.

Truss was congratulated and wished good luck in her new position by, among others, the Prime Minister of India. “I am confident that under your leadership the comprehensive strategic partnership between India and the United Kingdom will be further strengthened,”

on Modi’s twitter.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also joined in the congratulations, saying he “looks forward to constructive relations and friendship” between the two countries. Irish Prime Minister Michéal Martin said he looked forward to working with Truss on the important issues they face together “both bilaterally and globally”.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he was very pleased with Truss’s victory. According to him, it can be expected that, under her leadership, Britain will continue to support Ukraine in its struggle for independence, freedom, sovereignty and European values.

In his congratulatory message, the head of Hungarian diplomacy, Péter Szijjártó, described Truss as “a colleague who was always very good to work with” and a fair partner in negotiations.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed hope that Truss would have strong leadership skills as Britain’s new prime minister. He added that he would work with it to realize a “free and open Indo-Pacific,” a vision promoted by Japan and the United States to counter China’s maritime assertiveness in the region.

Today, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala also wished Truss much success in her new role. He believes that Britain will continue to be a valuable ally of the Czech Republic and the EU. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said that he believed in even better bilateral relations and that he would like to welcome Truss to Prague.

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