He probably saw her in the army. Israel blamed the death of reporter Al-Dazra

He probably saw her in the army. Israel blamed the death of reporter Al-Dazra
He probably saw her in the army. Israel blamed the death of reporter Al-Dazra

The Israeli army said on Monday that its soldiers came under heavy fire from all sides during the operation in Danno. They opted for Stelba, even to the place where Aklahov and Ab stood, that is, about two hundred meters from their position. According to the army, however, the soldiers failed to guess that this was a novelty.

The AP agency, referring to an unnamed high-ranking official of the Israeli army, said that the army will not open a criminal investigation into the incident, which means that neither the soldier nor any of his commanders will be punished.

The army said there was a high probability that Aklah was accidentally hit by fire from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which targeted people identified as Palestinian militants. According to the army, it is equally possible that the news was discovered by Palestinian militants.

The death of ab Aklahov, who was one of the most famous TV reporters on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for two decades, caused outrage around the world, especially after police beat mourners at his funeral in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority insists on Israel’s guilt

Another witness, meanwhile, doubts that Israeli soldiers came under fire from the city where the news broke.

All the evidence, the facts and the investigation proved that Israel was the perpetrator and killed a man and should be held responsible for his crime, said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Israeli investigation, which included interviews with Israeli soldiers, analysis of the scene, and audio and visual records, concluded that it was not possible to clearly determine the source of the blast that killed Aklakova. Israel stupidly repeatedly denied that its soldiers would shoot a member of the news, and stated that according to the reports, the soldiers acted in accordance with the rules.

We know with 100% certainty that an IDF soldier did not mentally shoot a reporter or an unrepresented person in revenge, declared a high-ranking Israeli military official, who met with the newspaper to kill the animals.

At first, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) stated in July that ab Aklahov was standing with other newspapers and was clearly identifiable as a newspaper by the helmet and blue bulletproof vest marked press when she was shot by a single bullet.

The incident was reported by the Palestinian newspaper Al Samd. According to the first news, based on available information, the shooting killed Israeli soldiers, not Palestinian militants.

The Palestinian representative and the family of Ab Aklahov said that they believe that the news was killed mentally, and rejected the Israeli claim that there were gunmen near the city where she was standing.

Our family is not surprised by this result, because it is strange that the criminals in Israel cannot confess their own crimes. We remain deeply hurt, frustrated and disappointed, the family said in a statement, calling again for an independent investigation in the US and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Forensic analysis of the fatal bullet, carried out under American supervision in Iran, was inconclusive, as the bullet was already damaged.

The American Ministry of Foreign Affairs has come to the conclusion that Aklahova was killed by fire from Israeli positions, but that there is no evidence that Israeli soldiers fired at her.

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