The Russians are backing away from a “referendum” in the occupied Kherson region. Ukraine is attacking strategic targets hard

According to TASS, the deputy head of the occupation administration Kirill Stremousov (Ukrainian Kyrylo Stremousov) said that the important Antoniv bridge, which connects the two banks of the Dnieper near the city of Kherson, cannot be driven over after weeks of Ukrainian shelling.

Russian forces occupied almost the entire Kherson region already in March after invading from the annexed Crimea. Ukraine announced last week that it had launched a counter-offensive to retake the region. In recent weeks, the Ukrainian army has shelled bridges and ammunition depots in the area, but there is not much information about the Ukrainian counterattack itself.

The European Union will provide Ukraine with 500 million euros (12.3 billion crowns) to help people who were driven from their homes by the war but who remained in the country. Today, on the sidelines of the EU-Ukraine Association Council meeting, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, signed an agreement on further financial aid for Kyiv with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

The Pope will not be traveling to Russia or Ukraine in the near future. Doctors forbade him to do it because of knee pain, František said in an interview that will be broadcast tonight by CNN Portugal. On the contrary, the trip to Kazakhstan is confirmed. There, the Pope was originally able to meet with the Russian Patriarch Kirill, who will not go to the meeting of religious leaders in the end.

“Now I can’t go (to Russia and Ukraine) because my knee treatment got worse after the trip to Canada,” stated the Pope, saying that the doctor has banned him from traveling at least until the meeting in Kazakhstan, which will take place from September 13 to 15.

Germany wants to keep two of the three existing nuclear power plants in reserve until mid-April 2023, the third is planned to be disconnected by the end of the year. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said today that stress tests have shown that the Neckarwestheim 2 nuclear power plants in Baden-Württemberg and Isar 2 in Bavaria can contribute to Germany’s energy security during the winter due to uncertain gas supplies from Russia.

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Russian media, citing sources in the Kremlin, have previously pointed out that the “referendum” would not have to be held in the occupied territories on 11 September together with the elections in Russian regions, as was considered.

Resistance against the Russians in occupied Kherson

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