According to the unions, the flow of migrants to Germany will not stop without border controls with the Czech Republic

According to the unions, the flow of migrants to Germany will not stop without border controls with the Czech Republic
According to the unions, the flow of migrants to Germany will not stop without border controls with the Czech Republic

Berlin – Without the introduction of permanent German controls on the border with the Czech Republic, it will be practically impossible to stop the flow of migrants who are now heading to Germany via this route. The head of the German police union (DPolG) Heiko Teggatz told ČTK today. He stated that the best solution would be cooperation with Prague, which would introduce similar border controls with Slovakia.

In an interview for today’s edition of Bild newspaper, Teggatz said that the drastic increase in the number of migrants entering Germany without the necessary documents is the highest since 2015. At that time, Europe faced an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants, mainly from Syria and Iraq, but also from North Africa and Afghanistan.

Police unions state that in June of this year, the federal police recorded 2,000 such cases of illegal crossing of the border from the Czech Republic to Germany, and that this was an increase of 140 percent in a year-on-year comparison. DPolG noted in a press statement that in August there were already 3,000 cases, and that alone on the Saxon-Czech border.

Teggatz told ČTK today that smugglers have created new smuggling routes from the Balkans, which now lead to Germany via Slovakia and the Czechia. “This is related to the fact that Austria has tightened border controls with Hungary, because until now the flow of migration has been through Austria and Hungary,” he said. According to him, moving the route to Slovakia and the Czechia is obvious.

According to Teggatz, Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser should immediately order stationary border controls with the Czech Republic, such as Germany has been carrying out on the border with Austria for a long time due to the migration crisis. “With firm checks on the German-Czech border and, in the most favorable case, the introduction of checks on the Czech-Slovak border by the Czech Republic, this flow to Europe could be stopped, as we have been doing for years on the Austrian border,” said the head of the German police union. He added that this is precisely why he is asking Faeserová for constant checks.

When asked whether the Czechia could take any measures to avoid checks on the German-Czech border, Teggatz replied that, in his opinion, it would be difficult. “Hard,” he said. “It would be difficult because I myself know the course of the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which runs through the forests,” he explained. He stated that even the increased deployment of the Czech police on the border with Slovakia would probably not stop the flow of migration to Germany.

He therefore sees a solution in cooperation between Berlin and Prague, which would mean not only checks on the German-Czech border, but also on the Czech-Slovak border. However, he described the cooperation between the federal and Czech police as excellent in the long term. “I can speak from my own experience, I served on the German-Czech border for five years in the early nineties,” he pointed out.

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