Gloss: Trust the media, which gets on everyone’s nerves

Gloss: Trust the media, which gets on everyone’s nerves
Gloss: Trust the media, which gets on everyone’s nerves

As if people are forgetting that journalists are not there to root for someone or decide what is the “higher good”.

Undermining the credibility of the media, which openly does not support him, is the long-term strategy of former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. This time, however, the head of the ANO movement really outdid himself. He started advising people not to even read his own media.

Babiš paid for the cover of Mladá fronta Dnes and Lidové noviny with his own photo and a large inscription: “Do you trust the media?”

“Or do you feel that newspapers, television and news websites are only telling you part of the story? Are they not talking about something? Are they missing something? Are they hiding something on purpose? Try my show Hey Guys!” proclaims the full-page ad.

It is only followed by the actual “front” page of both dailies, which apparently is not really worth reading. That the papers allow such complete humiliation of the work of their own journalists is just another confirmation of how “independent” relations prevail between them and their owner.

The head of the ANO movement comes with the advertisement on the day when his movement officially starts its campaign for the municipal elections. I say officially, because otherwise Babiš has been working for several months in his apartment to ensure that he does not lose the next election. And cursing the media on these trips is one of the traditional points of the program.

After all, that’s what voters want to hear. Even Saturday’s anti-government demonstration began by mocking the media and boasting that thanks to social networks, everyone is already their own journalist.

But we, the media, have been annoying the second camp lately. This weekend I was told that we are giving too much space to anti-government demonstrations. But when we described the anti-Babiš protests under the previous government, they did not complain.

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Government fans don’t like us describing the problems and issues of the current government. They say we are helping Babiš. We are overly critical, and if the current opposition returns to power, it will be our fault.

Maybe we should turn a blind eye to the “higher good”.

As if people forget that journalists are not there to root for someone or decide what the “higher good” is. But from looking under the hands of the currently ruling parties.

So if I can give you some advice, even if I can’t afford the kind of reach that the ex-prime minister has: Trust the media, which occasionally pisses off someone on the right and the left, in the opposition and in the government. In short, all of them from time to time.

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