In the plane that alerted the country, the German King of Carnival landed

In the plane that alerted the country, the German King of Carnival landed
In the plane that alerted the country, the German King of Carnival landed

The Andalusian newspaper Diario de Sevilla reported on Monday about the tragic death of the German businessman Grisemann, who is the owner of aerotaxi and medical aircraft Quick Air. The businessman’s death was confirmed by a spokesman for Grisemann’s Quick Air company: To confirm that it was the owner of the company, Karl Peter Grisemann, he said.

Grisemann, with his wife Juliane, daughter Lisa and his dog Paul, traveled from the southern Spanish city of Jerez to Cologne in western Germany, where the headquarters of the Quick Air company were located. The plane departed at 14:56 SEL.

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Lisa’s son George was waiting in Cologne, but the Cessna flew over Europe without contacting the dispatchers. A rapid decrease in the speed and speed of the machine was recorded by the radars at 19:37. The plane crashed into the waters of the Baltic Sea near the city of Ventspils while on the way to Latvia. The plane was piloted by the father of the family, Karl.

Contact with the cabin was lost shortly after takeoff from Jerez, Spain, in the airspace above the city of Toledo, near the capital Madrid. The family owns a house about a hundred kilometers from Jerez, Spain, and traveled here often between Germany and Spain. Shortly before the flight, the connected cockpit reported a problem with cabin pressure.

According to the website Flightradar, the plane was flying over Poland, France and Germany. After crossing the borders of Poland, the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and Lithuania, the plane came to a stop near Latvia over the Baltic Sea.

Spain, France, and later Germany sent strikes to deal with the situation, but the strike pilots did not see anyone in the cockpit, wrote denk Bild.

The escort was later joined by a Danish fighter jet F-16, but the plane turned around 19:45 near Latvia and flew into the Baltic Sea. Firefighters from the town of Visby went to the accident site, where they found oil stains and the wreckage of the plane. Lithuanian helicopters and a Latvian ship intervened in the city, but the passengers were not found.

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The wreckage of the plane caught her off guard. One of the flying versions is that the pressure drop in the cabin of the plane made it difficult for the passengers to control the machine. Peter Swaffer from the National Accident Commission pointed out that the plane did not disappear to the ground. So far, no one has decided which country will lead the search.

If we are involved and receive their support, we are in dialogue with many representatives and have contacted the Latvian flying agency, k Swaffer.

Der Klner Karneval mourns Peter Griesemann, Aufsichtsvorsitzender des Festkomitees Klner Karneval und Ehrenprsident der Blauen Funken. Als Unternehmer und Karnevalist trug er jahrzehntelang mageblich zu der Gestaltung dieser klschen Tradition bei. Griesemann fhrte sein Traditionskorps in ein neues Zeitalter, since 2017 untersttze er das Festkomitee Klner Karneval tatkrftig und half bei der Weiterentwicklung des Karnevals. Sein Herz schlug fr den Fastelovend und die Menschen, die er verbindet. Unsere Gedanken sind bei der Familie Griesemann, der wir in dieser schweren Zeit viel Kraft wnschen.

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According to the Reuters agency, Karl Grisemann was a significant and dedicated figure in carnival circles and sat as chairman of the supervisory board of the Kolnsk festival committee. At first, the organizers of the Kolno carnival festival confirmed his death on social media. Let’s think of the Griesemann family, who sings a lot of strength in this difficult time, they shared on Facebook, where they stated that Grisemann loved festivals.

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