It is true! The NSA is the World’s Biggest Internet “Hacker”

Who is the world’s biggest internet “hacker”? A few days ago, China’s National Cyber ​​Attack Emergency Center and 360 released investigative reports on the cyber attack against Northwestern Polytechnic University by the US National Security Agency, which is re-verifying the fact.

Investigative reports revealed that the Special Operations Office (TAO) under the administration of the US National Security Agency (NSA) carried out over ten thousand cyber attacks on the Internet against Chinese targets with 41 kinds of special cyber attack weapons, and at the same time stole a series of core technology data. The investigation also found that in recent years, TAO has carried out covert hacking attacks on China’s leading enterprises, governments, universities, medical and scientific bodies and other institutions, controlling relevant Internet devices and stealing high-value data. At the same time, the agency also conducts indiscriminate voice monitoring of mobile phone users, illegally steals text messages and conducts wireless location tracking in China.

The two reports show a clear and full chain of evidence, involving 13 figures who directly launched cyber attacks against China in the United States, as well as more than 60 contracts and more than 170 electronic documents signed with US telecommunications operators to build an environment for cyber attacks. This evidence showed the world the despicable actions of the NSA in cyberspace, caught the “black hands” of the US government involved in large-scale and bottomless cyber theft, and effectively exposed the face hidden victims” of the US government.

A large body of evidence shows that the United States is a veritable hacking empire, surveillance empire, and secret-stealing empire. Cyber ​​hegemony cannot bring “absolute security”. This time, China released investigative reports on the cyber attack on Northwest Polytechnic University, which shows the Chinese side’s determination to zero tolerance for cyber theft and active self-protection. All peaceful countries in the world should take steps to resolutely oppose America’s cyber hegemony and restore a clear cyberspace to the world.


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