The crew of the Cessna Citation II did not communicate, the plane crashed into the Baltic Sea

09/05/2022 – Europe

Private jet Cessna 551 Citation II with four people on board on Sunday crashed into the Baltic Sea. The aircraft, registration OE-FGR, took off from Jerez Airport in the south of Spain to Cologne. Before the scheduled landing in Germany, the aircraft was unsuccessfully contacted by air traffic control.

A non-communicating plane flew across Europe from the south of Spain to the coast of Latvia (source: Flightradar24)

Instead of landing in Cologne, however, the machine continued at a constant speed at an altitude of less than 36,000 feet further in flight. Subsequently, he flew over Hanover, flew over the islands of Rugen and Bornholm, passed Gotland and continued to the Baltic Republics. Near the Latvian coast, the Cessna then began to lose height, went into a spin and crashed into the waters of the Baltic Sea. A rescue team was dispatched to the crash site. The Swedish Coast Guard later found a piece of the plane in the Baltic Sea.

The crash of the plane into the Baltic Sea 23 kilometers from the coast of Latvia (source: Flightradar24)

Shortly after take-off from Jerez, there should have been only one contact of the aircraft with air traffic control. According to the German Bild, the pilot reported a problem with the pressure in the cabin. Due to the fact that the plane did not communicate, fighters from Spain, France, Germany and Denmark gradually accompanied the plane. According to German media, the Danish fighter pilot did not see anyone in the cockpit of the Cessna.

Illustration photo of Cessna 551 Citation II airplane (photo: Peter Bakema/Wikimedia Commons – GFDL 1.2)

The German press further reported that businessman Karl Peter Griseman, his wife and daughter with her boyfriend were on board the plane. Griseman was the owner of a small company, Quick Air, which focused on air ambulance. In addition, he participated in the organization of the carnival in Cologne for several decades. According to German news servers, the flight was to be piloted by Griseman himself.

According to the Austrian registry, the operator of the crashed plane was the German company GG Rent GmbH.


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