Priske vs. Stramaccioni? Under Italo, Sparta shot more accurately or had fewer yellow cards

For Sparta fans in recent years, it has become a fairy tale. Management announcing regularly and logically an attack on the league title, which did not and did not come. The last one happened eight years ago, since then Sparta entered a vicious circle. Otherwise, she did not start this season either. After seven games and a relatively favorable draw, Letenští have only three wins on their account, the tension escalated after Saturday’s 0:0 draw with Zlín, when the guests also had a unique chance to decide at the end of the game.

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But the striker Silný failed in the face of the Spartan goalkeeper. “At the moment, there is no debate about whether we will have the title on the spot, because we see the results of Pilsen and Slavia, that is, our competitors. We are really not doing well at the moment. My task is to improve the players I have in the squad,” said Sparta coach Brian Priske honestly after another loss.

Comparison with Stramaccioni

That question comes up match by match more and more. After the match, Zlín’s coach Jelínek spoke about the fact that he read Sparta well. Visiting striker Fillo hit the crossbar in the 55th minute and after the match expressed his disappointment that Zlín left Letná with only a point – the opponents are no longer afraid of Sparta and are trying to play coach Priske’s charges with active football. Four years have already passed since the infamous international attempt of Sparta. The Italian Andrea Stramaccioni was given great financial opportunities to rebuild Sparta in his own image, but his engagement at Letná turned out to be a huge fiasco and dismissal after a year.Stramaccioni vs. PriskeSource: Diary

How is the mocked Italian doing after seven rounds compared to the Danish coach, who makes no secret of the fact that he likes to work with data analysis and overall numbers, which he applies to football? Priskeho’s Sparta is significantly more active in terms of shooting, with 94 shots after seven rounds but there were only 31 on goal (the success rate of shots between the three posts is thus only 32.9%). “The first half against Zlín disappointed me. We were too slow offensively, we didn’t have enough pace, we didn’t create enough opportunities,” Priske alludes to the mentioned problem. Compared to the opponent, Sparta is more expressive on the ball, but mostly it is a more platonic pressure that culminates in an inaccurate finish.

More active defense

Under Stramaccioni, Sparta shot significantly less – in the seven opening matches, 59 shots, but 28 of them were aimed at the goal (the effectiveness of the shots was 47.4%, which is a significantly higher figure than under Priske’s leadership). In the defensive activity, the work of the Danish coach trying to get the ball back as quickly as possible after losing the ball. Priskeho’s Sparta has scored one goal less than Stramaccioni’s, and the current selection of Letenské has more yellow cards or three less shots on goal by the opponent.

Pilsen midfielder Jan Kopic was injured in the match with Slovácko.

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After three draws in a row, Sparta faces a match against Teplice, which coach Brian Priske’s team must win. Otherwise, Sparta’s ultras could print a one-way ticket for Priske just like Stramaccioni.

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