Prime Minister Fiala makes mistakes, gets into trouble. It’s not just toothless bastards against the government, people are afraid

Prime Minister Fiala makes mistakes, gets into trouble. It’s not just toothless bastards against the government, people are afraid
Prime Minister Fiala makes mistakes, gets into trouble. It’s not just toothless bastards against the government, people are afraid

70 thousand people on Wenceslas Square, people are logically afraid. And when they don’t have enough clear information about what’s coming, they easily believe a simple argument. To that marketing experts they understand and work with it for the benefit of “their boss”. Prime Minister Fiala doesn’t seem to trust the marketing pros, so he loses, chants are chanted against him.

Fiala’s statement won’t do much good

After the demonstration, Petr Fiala stated that it was called by Russian forces. He confirmed it the day after. I stand by my statement, which did not concern the protesters, but the organizers. The demonstration was organized by members of the Russian fifth column. There is enough evidence. Just look at who was on stage and what they were saying.” he wrote you Prime Minister on Twitter.

According to political scientist Jan Charvát, he was right. “The organizers are connected to Russia. But it was very easy to misinterpret it on the other side, that he meant everyone who came to Wenceslas Square, which is what happened. A politician should realize that such a declaration shall turn against him. Whether it’s true or not, it won’t do much good. All the more so because some of the people who were at Wenceslas Square probably didn’t even realize who was standing on the stage and who was organizing the event.” he says for Č

Cheaper gas and electricity, no matter who

According to the expert, it is communication and limping targeted aid that are the fundamental ills of this cabinet. “They don’t excel at either. At the same time, we have approximately one million people in the Czech Republic, whose votes were lost in the previous elections. They need to start thinking about who they will give them to next time.’ We saw only a fraction of these dissatisfied people at Wenceslas Square. They are asking for cheaper gas and electricity. They don’t care from whom. They showed that they are really angry and scared.

Jan Charvát, political scientist
– is an assistant professor at the IPS Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, and at the same time works at the Department of Political Science and Philosophy at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
– studied political science at FSV UK in Prague and political sociology at Högskolan Dalarna in Sweden
– his main areas of professional interest include political extremism, social pathology and the Czech political system

It is not possible to assume that a new party or movement would be found that would unite these people. Their voices are thus scattered in many directions. “The idea that, for example, communists with the Tricolor would run under one “flag” is of course misguided. And if these subjects get two percent more? It doesn’t matter at all.’ Danger lurks elsewhere and his name is Andrej Babiš. “Yes, things are getting tough here. If Babiš got three or four percent more and he was not at thirty, but at thirty-five, that already means a fundamental difference.” thinks Charvát.

They are not traitors or collaborators

Voters of the so-called democratic bloc often watch current events with horror in their eyes. And they have a whole bunch of nasty names for protesters. “They talk about them as collaborators or traitors. But not always wrong. It is no longer just a thousand toothless desolates or professional pro-Russian trolls against the government,” Charvát is clear. He mentions the word “morality” which plays an important role here. The voters of the “demo block” are also afraid, not even them is not indifferent to the price increase of practically everything. But they understand that there is a war. “They have a moral point of view, they know that it is necessary to help Ukraine, that it is necessary to be in NATO, etc. These people may feel insulted that “the others” do not feel this way.”

The organizers of the demonstration according to Jan Charvát they adopted the Million Moments for Democracy model – i.e. one big event in Prague and a smaller one outside the capital. “It definitely has potential. The main stimulus is that people are afraid. They have a bad experience with the covid-19 pandemic, when many things were closed and restricted. Now they fear the same, maybe worse.’

However, according to Charvát, this is the same mistake as when politicians up until now ignored the problems of those who eventually formed on Wenceslas Square. “Today, politicians need to reach out to people who do not work with morals, and politics is essentially a snuff box for them. All they care about is having rolls and how to keep warm in the winter. They used to pay a thousand crowns for gas, now it’s fifteen.”

Don’t overlook the unsatisfied

What will be important will be whether Fial’s government notices that it is going hard. There is still a way out, it’s not too late. “There is no point in talking to pro-Russians. Attempts have been made here for years and it has led nowhere. On the contrary, there is great value in talking with those who join them today. Politicians really must no longer ignore the disaffected. They need to be told why we are helping the Ukrainians, that it is because it is a state close to the Czech Republic and if it falls, Putin can come to us. And we will not resist him, because we are weak, therefore we are part of NATO.”

However, Charvát can also imagine a way in which the above explanations will not take place. But then it is necessary to act differently: “Solving their problems, not letting them fall to the bottom. For example, foreclosure. We have a law that nobody does anything about for ten years and people are often trapped. Change the legislation and tell them that the current one the law was signed by Miloš Zeman, which has high support among them. It’s about the art of politics. Thirty years after the revolution, it is done amateurishly here. The only one who manages it professionally is Andrej Babiš.”

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