The success of the diet depends on how well you are. Learn some basic rules!

Veronika Matoušová

06/09/2022 | 07:17

For example, you would like to lose weight, so you eat little or not at all, you exercise and it still doesn’t work? Your body probably lacks rest. Trying to lose weight isn’t just about restricting food or working out for hours a day. Relaxation, including mental well-being, is also important for weight loss. In addition, if the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle stresses us out, we cannot expect satisfactory results. Hand in hand with that is being really cool and not stressing about it when you’re not.

When they don’t take typical lessons
Almost everyone knows the classic nutritional lessons, for example that vegetables are better than sugar or white flour, yet sometimes people are not impressed by any recommendations or their efforts. And they can have the best diet and regular exercise. And why doesn’t it always work for everyone? It’s not just about food or calories, that would work for everyone. Your personality, childhood experiences, your relationship with food, how often and if you rest at all, and overall satisfaction in various areas also play a big role.

Diet or exercise alone will not save you
So it is not enough just to adjust the diet itself. Much depends on how you understand it. People often use food to replace what they lack in life. Alternatively, they drive away their problems. That is why the ranks of those who live a healthy life in general, but do not feel well, are constantly expanding. Today, it is also desirable to be at ease, to take everything positively, which paradoxically only brings more stress and you are simply not at ease. It’s the same when you want to lose weight at all costs, you chase after it, but the pounds don’t come off. You try so hard to live healthy, do suitable sports and feel good that you are just stressed. But then you can eat the healthiest food possible and it can be of no use.

Having everything perfect won’t make you feel good
The main and the right way is a certain love for yourself and respect for your body and your health. Not to be so strict with yourself, to be able to indulge yourself and sometimes “allow” a little. Sooner or later, perfectionism is harmful in everything, and this also applies in the case of losing weight, exercise, etc. Women in particular are unnecessarily strict with themselves and also demanding of themselves. Some people need to have a perfect diet, including its origin, composition, quality, etc. Such people tend to be in the greatest discomfort.

Think about getting enough sleep and eat consciously
In such a state, various problems occur, the first signal being poor sleep. Its lack has a number of negative consequences. The body and hormones need a certain biological rhythm, which we do not follow nowadays. When it is dark, the body should automatically rest and we should sleep. Instead, we light up and continue to function. We go to sleep longer at night, the body does not go through all the stages of sleep and we wake up tired. And when there is a lack of regular and basic relaxation, digestion and metabolism will not work properly.

Another important thing is the diet. It’s about being able to eat in peace, eat slowly, enjoy it. Being able to determine at what interval our body is comfortable eating, it does not necessarily have to be five portions a day or just two. It’s up to you what makes you feel good. But the truth is that a certain rhythm is good for the body, so set some rules for yourself. And going back to those vegetables again, aim to get them daily. It works like a kind of brush for the intestines, thanks to which we clean it.

So the key to successful weight loss is not to eat little and exercise a lot. It’s about allowing yourself time to relax as well. Regularly exposing the body to excessive physical exertion and not allowing it a moment of peace is very stressful for the organism, and it will then not cooperate with you. Alternate activities with periods of rest, eat in a way that makes you feel good, the same goes for exercise. You should feel better after both eating and exercising.

Do not exclude individual foods, eat everything and in moderation
Various trends in nutrition can also be similarly stressful. If you want to be healthier or lose weight, you try a gluten-free, sugar-free or paleo diet. There is usually some weight loss when you eliminate a food group, and you may feel vital, full of energy, because you are not burdening your digestion with, for example, gluten foods. But is gluten harmful at all? A healthy body can handle it, so there’s no need to avoid it if you don’t have health problems.

The problem can also arise if you eat gluten-free or low-carb for a while, you are fine with it for a few years, but suddenly there is a period of slumps, when you indulge in something “unsuitable” here and suddenly eat all the chocolate there. In short, the body reaches a moment when it needs some energy from carbohydrates or cereals. After years of restriction or elimination, however, it is more difficult to return to normal, the necessary enzymes have decreased in the digestive system, you begin to gain weight quickly, etc. Sooner or later, the strict elimination of certain foods will lead to fluctuations.

Any radicalism is not desirable. The worst thing is when any violation means stress. Loss of freedom in food leads to tension, you do not enjoy food, you do not digest well and you get into a vicious circle, which unfortunately does not lead to weight loss and thus to health. Everyone is different, everyone has a different digestion, a different sensitivity, so find your own way, don’t follow someone’s dogma and simply be comfortable with what makes you feel good.

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