A morning accident in Svinov, Ostrava claimed a human victim

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The driver of the passenger car did not survive the Tuesday morning accident in Ostrava-Svinov, when a garbage truck and a passenger vehicle collided.

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At half past six in the morning, the police received a report of a traffic accident on Polanecká Street in Ostrava-Svinov. From the preliminary information obtained on the spot, they found that the driver of a passenger vehicle coming from the side road apparently did not give way to the garbage truck that was driving on the main road, which led to their collision. The vehicles subsequently ended up in a ditch.

Scrapped van on D1.

Traffic accident on the D1, a van collided with a truck

“Unfortunately, the driver of the passenger vehicle did not survive the collision. He was traveling alone in the car. The driver of the garbage truck was uninjured, but his two passengers were and were handed over to paramedics,” Eva Michalíková from the Police of the Czech Republic described the circumstances of the accident.

Currently, Polanecká and 5. května streets are closed. All components of the integrated rescue system are located on site. Police officers are coordinating traffic on site, so drivers should heed their instructions.

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