Emperor Francis Joseph I had a peculiar intimate habit. He disgusted his lover with him

Emperor Francis Joseph I had a peculiar intimate habit. He disgusted his lover with him
Emperor Francis Joseph I had a peculiar intimate habit. He disgusted his lover with him

Emperor Francis Joseph I

Francis Joseph I was Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. He ruled for a respectable sixty-eight years. He divided his empire into a dual monarchy in which Austria and Hungary coexisted as equal partners. However, this was not the only thing in which this emperor excelled. Francis Joseph I had a special intimate habit, which disgusted even his mistresses.

Francis Joseph I was born on August 18, 1830 in Schönbrunn Palace near Vienna and died on November 21, 1916 in the same place.

Emperor Francis Joseph I had a peculiar intimate habit

In 1879 he formed an alliance with Prussian-led Germany, and in 1914 his ultimatum to Serbia brought Austria and Germany into the First World War.

Francis Joseph stayed on the throne for a record 68 years, and while the world around him was constantly changing during that time, he himself tried to live in the world he knew from his childhood and which suited him perfectly.

After all, as the first official in the state, he was busy all day and obviously did not want to deal with any new things, even if they might make his life easier. And so, even towards the end of his life, the old ruler lived essentially in the time of his youth.

Francis Joseph I was not very fond of innovations and inventions. He had a very strange and distant relationship with them. As a person, brought up and living in perfect order, loving clarity and well-established rituals, he did not like to change anything around him.

However, he had one peculiarity. It concerned his intimate life. He teased and provoked his mistresses with Tou.

He disgusted his mistresses

Francis Joseph I not only did not like to change the world around him, it was the same with his clothes.

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He liked to wear old and very worn underpants. As one of his mistresses herself stated, the famous one Anna Nahowska: “Whenever I help him get dressed, he says: “They just don’t look at the clothes very much, everything is worn and old, I’ve been wearing things for twenty or thirty years…” Once I pointed out to him that there was a hole in his woolen undershirt next to a washed stain. I can’t change the undershirt. There is no other like it anywhere in the world…”

Anna had more similar spices in her diaries. The rich ruler of a huge empire so often went to bed in washed, dirty and even leaky underwear. And that despite the fact that he based his whole life on dignity.

Anna was his lover for fourteen long years. Although she was so eager for the Emperor to legitimize their relationship, she never spoke about their relationship during her lifetime. She carefully recorded everything in her diaries. It was there that she finally described the habits of František Josef.

The disgusting embarrassment of King Wenceslas IV. in France: He spoiled the good reputation of the Czechs

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František Josef was polite and handsome as a young man. However, as the years progressed, he became taciturn and withdrawn. And apparently, he didn’t pay much attention to hygiene either.





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