The black art of Zimbabwe hidden in the garden. See the rare stone sculptures

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/PHOTO/ Lazarus Takawira comes from eastern Zimbabwe and became a recognized sculptor from Nyanga. He exhibited his sculptures from African serpentinite in a number of prestigious cultural institutions, such as the National Gallery in Zimbabwe, the Musée Rodin in Paris, Paris and the British Museum. Some of the sculptures are kept today in an inconspicuous private garden in Černochov, near Libochovice.

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Women and mothers, a frequent motif of Lazar Takawira, who carves in serpentinite.

| Photo: Diary/Topi Pigula

They were concentrated there by Marie Imbrová, a former diplomat and Africanist from Roudnice nad Labem, who has been focusing on Takawiro’s art and sculptures from the African village of Tengenenge for a long time.

“When I talk about my sculptures, I am always reminded of African traditions that teach people to live the right life, to respect each other, to respect the elders and to guide the young,” Takiwar commented on his work in the book Spirit of a woman, adding: “Each individual stone is statue. I look at it and automatically, without thinking, I see what sculpture I want to make.”

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