The G7 was alarmed by the Ukrainians’ efforts to change a key anti-corruption law

“Ambassadors, as long-time anti-corruption fighters, are concerned about draft law No. 7654, which we are closely monitoring: it creates legal risks and uncertainty around the selection process for leading Ukraine’s key anti-corruption institutions,” the ambassadors working in Ukraine posted in a joint statement on Twitter.

The draft law in question was discussed on Monday by the Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament for the Organization of State Power. According to the head of the Anti-corruption Action Center, Vitalije Šabunin, a passage was added to the draft by members of the ruling party, which “kills the demand for the independence of the future director of NABU”.

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In the currently valid wording, people who worked in the governing bodies of political parties in the last two years or were in a contractual relationship with them in the last two years may not apply for a key anti-corruption post in the state administration.

The fight against corruption is a condition for joining the EU

If the proposed amendment passes, it would be enough for the candidates for the head of the NBU to stop this activity just before signing up for the selection process.

According to Šabunin, the goal is to put his horse at the head and “protect himself from punishment for his own corrupt actions”, he wrote on Facebook.


The Obozrevatel server reminds that in June, the Ukrainian parliament adopted by a constitutional majority Law No. 4135, which determines the directions of the state’s anti-corruption policy for the coming years. This document is essential for European integration. A few days after this vote, Ukraine was granted the status of a candidate country of the European Union.

The high level of corruption and embezzlement of public finances was in the past the main argument against Ukraine’s admission to the EU bloc.

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“It is easy to accuse Ukraine of corruption. But let’s be honest: no country is completely free of corruption, corrupt officials or oligarchs. However, in the last few years, Ukraine has created an anti-corruption infrastructure that has no parallels in Europe, and perhaps not even in the whole world,” Zelenskyy said at the end of August.

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