The audio barrier is here! Get 50% off audiobooks right now

Every week, Audioteka will offer a hundred titles that will be available for half the original price.

As part of the Audioteky event, the largest audiobook platform in the Czech Republic, titles across genres will be available at this significant discount. From detective stories, science fiction and fantasy to comedies to biographical works and audiobooks focused on personal development. The selection also includes bestsellers and titles in super production processing. In addition to the stellar cast and top-notch acting, it impresses with perfect sound, including effects that masterfully draw you into the story.

You can save on equipment for your audio collection until September 27, 2022, when Audiobraní ends. Until then, Auditeka will list a hundred attractive titles every Wednesday at half the standard price.

In the very first week, you can purchase one of our tips to spice up your journey to work or make autumn evenings more pleasant:

Entertainment not only for parents of schoolchildren

Need to lift your spirits at the start of the school year and make sure you’re not alone? A peculiar comedy by Lutz Hübner The hair has to go is the right choice. It tells the story of five parents who have a common enemy – the teacher of their children from 5th grade. From the parents’ point of view, it is she who is to blame for the deteriorating performance of the students and the tense atmosphere in the classroom. But as the funny and often non-negotiable dialogues between the parents and the teacher and the supposed allies of each other show, the truth will be somewhere else. There are explosive situations and surprising twists performed by excellent performers Linda Rybová, David Prachará, Kristýna Frejová, Jana Janěková Jr. and Igor Chmela as parents and Petra Špalková, who introduces herself as a teacher.

Photo: Audioteka CZ archive

Inspirational personalities and pitfalls of contemporary journalism

Stories of important world personalities are presented in an audiobook Leaders, thinkers, heroes by Walter Isaacson, author of the world bestsellers Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci. The acclaimed journalist and award-winning biographer reflects on what we can learn from Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and many other notable figures. It also addresses the pitfalls of the digital age that modern journalism must deal with. An interesting part is the preface, which Isaacson wrote in 2020 exclusively for the Czech edition of the book. Jiří Schwarz spoke.

Photo: Audioteka CZ archive

Engaging history and what next?

Sapiens – A brief history of mankind is the audiobook form of the worldwide bestseller, in which the author Yuval Noah Harari observes from a long-term perspective the revolutionary twists and turns on the path of the human race from the origin of Homo sapiens to the present day. It brings a captivating story that begins two million years ago in a corner of Africa, where an insignificant ape gained consciousness and dominated the entire planet. Here, Harari eruditely and with bold imagination describes the progress of man from the very beginnings through the most important historical turning points, such as the discovery of agriculture, money, social cult, empire, monetary credit and faith. It also adds provocative hypotheses regarding the future. Performed by experienced dubber Luboš Ondráček.

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Photo: Audioteka CZ archive

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