The firefighters prepared an afternoon full of games, competitions and adventure rides for the children

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/PHOTO GALLERY/ Saturday, which was reserved for children by the Petrovich firefighters, was threatened with rain from the morning. However, in the end she was forgiving and saved her drops for another time. The children had their day. A team of active firemen and firewomen prepared an afternoon full of games, competitions, adventurous rides on horses, colts and an old wheelbarrow.

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Children’s day in Petrovice near Miličín.

| Photo: Jan Augusta

And that the children were blessed. 44 pieces of cheerful children’s faces were registered by Olina. And then the games and competitions started. Stamps were added to children’s ID cards stating that they had completed a certain discipline. That’s how the plug could be seen, biting its own tongue, fishing for wooden capers from a tub. A hook like a whale, but what an effort it gave. Sometimes their moms and dads helped them, and they also had a job pulling the catch out of the water. There was also air rifle shooting. Of course, the strictest safety rules were followed. It was joy when the ten on the target was hit. Stacking the dice for time, throwing the ball into the bottomless mouth, shooting at the goal.

Kids were having a blast everywhere. They enjoyed joy when they succeeded, and a few tears when they did not always succeed. But that is also relevant. The parents also had to show off, when the children were loaded onto the aforementioned wheelbarrow and had to go around the devil’s route to the great encouragement of the organizers and those present. And that sometimes someone flipped out. Low speed, soft grass. What could happen. A piece of art came next. Dog princess Roxana stood obediently as a model. The older children enthusiastically took up direct portraiture, while Roxy did not forget to scratch and caress, and she gratefully washed them a little with her tongue. Smaller children at least painted the template.

Shooting competitions and Farewell to the holidays in Smilkov.

Shooting, leg and carousel. They said goodbye to the holidays in Smilkov

There was also firefighting discipline. Spraying cans with a children’s syringe was the right discipline for little firemen and women. Often they can’t even speak yet, little children, but the cans were knocked down by the stream of water with the overview of old firemen’s wolves. Well, then came the horses. That was something. You could ride to your heart’s content. There were also beautiful foals. Here we would like to thank the whole team of cognacs from Ranch Šťastná hvězda z Mitrovic. Not only did they have quality rides all afternoon, but they provided a number of valuable prizes for the winners of various competitions in the form of horse rides in the stables and in the countryside. And they didn’t forget the much-loved manure either. Vojta Votápek then announced all possible winners in various categories. Best picture, best shot and more. The children received prizes and also large packages of goodies. The parents enjoyed sausage, grilled cheese, which they washed down with beer.

Thank you all for a nice afternoon and we hope to see you again next year.

Author: Jan Augusta

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