It is impossible to ban breeding at home. Should the dog be the reason for asking about it?

It is impossible to ban breeding at home. Should the dog be the reason for asking about it?
It is impossible to ban breeding at home. Should the dog be the reason for asking about it?

The dog owner must be aware of his obligations. Can you change me the longest?
From 1 January 2020, dogs must be tagged with a microchip within 1 month of their birth. Failure to fulfill this obligation should be punishable by a fine, and in addition, the law introduced the rule that an unsedated dog is considered as if it had not been vaccinated against rabies, i.e. the rabies vaccination is invalid without marking the dog with a microchip.

How is it with the records of dogs?
There is no uniform register of dogs, however, each municipality has established its own registers, where the citizens of the municipality are obliged to register their dogs. There are private registries, they operate on a voluntary basis and they work in such a way that they raise the possibility of a dog being found in the event of its straying.

The owner of the dog is obliged to pay a local fee. How is his in? And is there a difference if I keep a dog in an apartment or in a family home?
The specific fee rates are set by the municipalities themselves, they are only subject to the upper limit of the rate determined by law. Today, it costs 1,500 KRON for one dog, for people over 65 years old, no more than 200 KRON per calendar year.

However, municipalities can set different fee rates for dogs in apartments and for dogs in family houses, for example, Ostrava has it that way. If one dog owner has more than one dog, then the rate for each dog should be increased. For example, blind people are exempted from this fee by law.

I rent an apartment, according to the law my landlord cannot forbid me to keep a pet in the apartment. Does it matter if it’s a dog, a chicken or you, a python?
According to the municipal law, a German can first keep animals in the apartment, if the breeding does not cause harm to the landlord or other residents of the house, the victim will die in the house.

If there was an agreement in his contract that the German was not allowed to have a guest in the apartment, such an agreement would be treated as an agreement that shortens the German’s salary and would not be applied to him. The law makes no distinction between whether it is a dog, a chicken or a snake.

Should the association or the SVJ agree to invite the spoils of breeding to the house?
In my view, neither this housing association nor the SVJ Paul can agree, as there is no legal basis for this. It goes without saying, however, that it is necessary to emphasize that the Germans, who are the owners of the unit, are obliged to maintain security and safety in the house.

In the case of a small apartment, the lessor may request German compensation for the external costs for the demolition of the common areas of the house.

Pavel Nastis

Pavel Nastis, attorney

  • Prva graduated from the First Faculty of the Palacky University in Olomouc.
  • In 2004, he passed the bar exams.
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The barking dogs bother a lot of people, here is one of the questions that was sent to the editors: How is the issue of the excessive noise caused by the barking of a German shepherd dog, spreading around several houses, resolved? Should a dog that barks loudly at the neighbors all day be a reason to report it?
Yes and no. It will always be necessary to investigate the circumstances of a particular incident and whether the noise is also an untimely death in the house. One situation will be different in the city, another in the village.

In general, however, it can be said that excessive disturbance of a neighbor by noise, insects, insecurities, etc. should be a valid reason for his apartment.

We shared a new apartment. Our neighbor lets his dog out in the common garden, and the only way to get rid of their little dog is to weep at everyone around. From seven in the morning, the dog hysterically attacked hundreds of people in the city. Is it possible to be armored somehow?
I would distinguish two situations here. If I am German and my neighbor is bothering me with excessive noise, he should, with enough trouble, turn to me first, not only to the neighbor, but also to the landlord, because the landlord is legally obliged to ensure that I do not interfere with the services connected with the apartment.

If I am the owner of the apartment, then I have to accept this situation, if possible, I can apply to the SVJ committee for help with a problem, because theoretically, at the proposal of the person responsible for the maintenance of the house, the court-ordered sale of the unit can also be enforced. However, the conditions established by law must be fulfilled, in particular, there must be such a comparative obligation that substantially limits or prevents the performance of the other owners of the units.

Related to that, I asked a thin question. He lived in a panel house, the neighbor outside the dog so that the door from the apartment to the common corridor opens for him, where he relieves himself. The SVJ committee, however, refused to address the issue.
a similar situation would be complicated and lengthy. If the SVJ committee does not help, it will be possible to try to make changes only to the committee that will be more active.

Otherwise, there will be little else left, but to go alone with the neighbor, and by way of a lawsuit or you will be reported for trespassing. If, for example, one neighbor were to be evaluated as suitable, it could be an offense against the Oban community.

Even when the dog is the culprit, its owner is responsible.
Yes, the owner is responsible for his dog. In this way, it is not only a matter of liability for the code caused (e.g. torn clothing), but also criminal liability (e.g. for clothing caused by negligence).

The trial is about writing people asto? How do you have practical experience?
At the moment, a dog was attacked and killed by another dog, when its owner refused to pay the veterinary fees of about twenty thousand. But that’s a very sad pbh.

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