T-BASS has been dancing for a quarter of a century: There’s a lot to discover in music and dance, that’s what drives us to keep growing to the fullest

T-BASS has been dancing for a quarter of a century: There’s a lot to discover in music and dance, that’s what drives us to keep growing to the fullest
T-BASS has been dancing for a quarter of a century: There’s a lot to discover in music and dance, that’s what drives us to keep growing to the fullest

25 years in one field and still at the top, how do you do it?
I’d like to know that too. But we still feel like we’re at the beginning. There is still much to discover in both music and dance. It was definitely not always easy, but the motivation to keep discovering something is always there. And that draws us to dance fully and probably well.

Which period was probably the most important for your group?
The covid period was crucial for us. It was really hard to keep the flame of enthusiasm and some kind of fire going there. Because the children stopped believing that there would ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. Power was difficult to transmit through computers. So it is essential for us that we saved the dance group in a good way.

I will be happy when T-BASS members become successful people in life. So I take it as preparation for life. T-BASS educates children.

Zdeněk Zolman, founder of the dance group T-BASS

I think you did very well, you were successful in the online championship. And also in connection with the talented, not only dancing, but also acting gifted Valentina Bečková, who also raised your credit.
Yes, she is great. She loves dancing, but she loves everything and does it to the fullest. In addition, she has excellent parents and is humble.

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Dance is always evolving, so are you forced to adapt and change dance styles?
That’s what we love. As music develops, it can be seen that not everything in music has been invented yet. Suddenly a new wave comes, we get inspired a lot by young people who listen to what’s new in the world, we invite foreign lecturers here. Really, the motivation to keep doing new things is huge. Music and dance are developing, we combine it with classical dance and so on, so there is always something to invent. And this is the main credo of T-BASS, that it responds to the latest trends in both dance and music. But perhaps also in dressing. All of this interests us and connects us.

For a quarter of a century, you still look the same, I don’t want to say like a teenager, but you can still feel joy, enthusiasm, incredible energy. Have you always wanted to dance? Did you know that this would be your path?
I didn’t know you could dance like that at all. But I was doing various sports, while music was playing, so it was more like my body was reacting to the music. I sewed along so-called. And it was so natural and filled me with so much joy that it found its way by itself.

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Have you ever wanted to hit the dance floor?
I got into the role of leader, which comes with a certain responsibility, so it was not so pleasant for me for a while. But I solved that by organizing top dance events in Hradec Králové. Even though I don’t actively dance anymore, I still love watching it. I like to support young people to have a background, I enjoy it.

Now it’s September, that’s always a bit of a new starting line for children. So is this month special for you too?
It is very special in that new members start coming to us, with whom it is so-called at home. And otherwise, of course, we have a huge anniversary ahead of us. On September 24, we will be celebrating our 25th birthday on the roof of Futura. We will have concerts, there will be Aneta X, a seventeen-year-old girl who is incredibly talented, there will be Streetmania, we will dance on the roof until sunset.

Dance group T-BASS
founded in 1997 in Hradec Králové by Zdeněk Zolman. The group has been dealing with Street Dance techniques from the very beginning of its operation and tries to respond to the most modern dance trends. The guarantee is a good background, qualified and experienced lecturers with many years of experience and excellent results, a friendly team and a human approach.

How many children do you have together in your group?
I don’t know exactly now. We have a lot of them. We have children from 2.5 years old and we even have the oldest dancer who is 60 years old. By this I mean that you can dance for fun at any age. So we have it this diverse and a lot for fun. Of course, 2.5-year-old children walk accompanied by their parents, learn to listen to songs and learn the basics of rhythm. Sixty-year-olds can already come without parents. Mothers have their children in a group and there is a perfect space for communication. I think they are enjoying it to the max.

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If at one point everyone who has already been through the T-BASS group got together, what would it look like?
I hope it happens one day. We calculated that in those 25 years, about 6,000 people have passed T-BASS. Everyone can come on September 24 and celebrate 25 years with us, it will be interesting.

Are there more boys or girls?
There are more girls, but we also have a lot of boys. We also have a dance school in Pardubice for 15 years, where we have a lot of boys. We manage to lead the dance group there very well. I think we are even now even in terms of quality.

Do former members ever come back to you?
We were just dealing with it now. It’s unbelievable that moms and dads come to see, give us their children, and then come back to dance. They go into the category of parents, and now it happens really often.

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What does living in such a community bring you?
Huge joy. Because we take a lot of care to make sure we are all normal. So that we have a normal attitude towards everything and that we feel good together. We put a lot of emphasis on education, but not that it would be like at school, rather we somehow develop children’s independent thinking, I like to communicate with them, the atmosphere is great here.

Some members say it’s like a family to them.
I don’t really like to use that word because it’s already too much. But there is simply a good mood.

I feel that the purpose of your dance group is not only movement and good physical condition, but actually the general side of a person, preparation for life.
Exactly. I will be happy if the members of T-BASS become successful people in life and not be stupid if I say so, because they will have some opinion about life, they have experienced something, they have learned from their own mistakes. So I really take it as preparation for life. T-BASS educates children.

How many super successful dancers have you raised?
Lots of. We also have our people in New York and so on. They are successful in dance and management, they have their own companies, they know how to communicate and present themselves. They learn a lot in T-BASS, it’s not just a one-sided dance direction.

Says Zdeněk Zoly Zolman, who wants to make the whole of Hradec Králové dance with the T-BASS dance group. Thank you for the interview. Good luck.

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