I have concrete proposals on how to cap the prices of final products, said Skela

I have concrete proposals on how to cap the prices of final products, said Skela
I have concrete proposals on how to cap the prices of final products, said Skela

The minister thus stated that there is a great potential for saving energy in the household. The largest amount of energy is consumed inside buildings, accounting for 40 percent of the total amount of energy. A half of this goes to households, only in two European countries does it cost more than electricity to heat a household. There is therefore a huge potential for saving in the heating of buildings. If we use it, we will significantly reduce our dependency on gas from Russia, he pointed out.

According to him, the Republic of Mexico has enough gas in its reservoirs for the summer and winter. But the problem is the price, which is and especially will be quite volatile. In the efforts to reduce dependence on gas, the most urgent thing was to ensure enough gas before the winter. We succeeded, now we have 800 million cubic meters more in our inventory than we did last year.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Fiala and I are going to Holland, where we will open a new LNG terminal, which will make it possible to reduce the verticality and density, Skela said.

The summer of winter is only an arrest, bad for each of us, whether the energy will go away, for every project that is like this, for every new house. But the ministry will try to help with these projects, he added.

We are in an energy wolf

Supply from the Nord Stream 1 Skela oekval gas pipeline has been stopped. It’s a bite of energy wolves, we’re in there. What we expected has happened, threatens society. certainties. The decisive battle will start this winter. We did our best to prepare for it. But the high prices will end only when Europe finds a way to wean itself off gas.

We will survive five winters, within two years the prices will stabilize, because there is enough gas in the world, Minister.

As for gas prices, Skela has two options. The first is to separate the price of gas from electricity. However, this concept is problematic, it explains the increase in gas consumption, of which there should be a certain shortage in winter.

The Commission proposes that we talk about ceiling prices for all types of electricity except gas. Let’s negotiate with the Commission and send a summary in the meantime. We will act according to I am convinced that the Commission and the State will come up with a way to calm the markets, in Skela.

For us, it only matters whether we stabilize prices locally or across Europe. Prepare carefully for securing the stability of energy prices in Estonia for all end users, including companies. One is very custom. We only have the details at this time.

There is consensus on the dead merchant

We agreed that at a time when the public sector has operated on a stable market for 15 years, it is now unable to secure its own energy. The fastest way to the center is through the wife of a local trader, named Skela.

We want to reach into the market in a limited way, we activate this concept only when it comes to the purchase of energy for the public sector. There is agreement, the subject arises. Now we have his first form. It should be an organized unit, but also a primary person. The first round will procure energy for the public sector at affordable prices, he concluded.

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