editing photos and icon packs

editing photos and icon packs
editing photos and icon packs

Just like every Tuesday, you can look forward to our regular series of free Google Play apps and games today. This time we will take a look at several great icon packs, but also an MP3 player or photo editing applications.

Google Play Android Apps Free

Editor’s note

We have tried the applications or games for which you see the description and screenshots ourselves. So we can evaluate whether it is worth trying or not.

VPN Pro – Pay once for life

For Mp3 player - Qamp

MP3 Player – Qamp is a popular player for Android. Now, instead of the classic 24.99 CZK, it is available for free.

Crypto Helper
Blackdiant Pink - Icon Pack

Blackdiant Pink – Icon Pack

Dark Pink - Icon Pack
Light Pink - Icon Pack
Lineblack - Pink icon pack

Lineblack – Pink icon pack

Mandala Maker 360
Sketch Me! For
Resize Me! Pro - Photo resizer

Resize Me! Pro – Photo resizer

App Resize Me! Pro does exactly what its name suggests. You can easily use it to crop a photo or otherwise change its size. You can then save the photo in JPEG or PNG format and perhaps set it as wallpaper.

BlackCam Pro - B&W Camera

BlackCam Pro – B&W Camera

Gif Me! Camera Pro
GPS Speed ​​Pro

With the GPS Speed ​​app you can track your current speed, location or time. Of course, you can also view elapsed driving time, average speed, maximum speed and much more.

Google Play Android Games for Free

Editor’s note

We have not tried applications or games for which you do not see a description or screenshots. So be careful. We try to choose only the most trusted ones, but sometimes it can happen that they require access to something that they do not need for their functionality at all. In such cases, we recommend uninstalling the application.

Summoners Era: Idle Strategy

Summoners Era: Idle Strategy

Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (BUFF)

Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (BUFF)

FASTAR VIP - Rhythm Game
Sword Warriors Premium
Neo Monsters
Superhero War Premium
Pirate Defender Premium
Soul Warrior Premium
[VIP]Missile Dude RPG tap-shot

[VIP]Missile Dude RPG tap-shot

Hero's 2nd Memory : Offline Shooting RPG

Hero’s 2nd Memory : Offline Shooting RPG

Demon Hunter: Premium
Cartoon Craft

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What apps or games did you choose?

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