Eliza Fletcher: Did the police find the body of the kidnapped millionaire heiress?

It is not yet clear whether the body belongs to the millionaire heiress. The police did not confirm this information. The discovery was preceded by an extensive search operation, in which a helicopter was also involved. The discovery of the dead body frightened the local residents in particular. “I’m sick of it,” confided 30-year-old April Jackson to the Daily Mail.

The fact that the body was found near the apartment of the American Abston is suspicious. He is one of the main suspects in the kidnapping of a nice American woman. Jacksons further stated that she saw the man cleaning the interior of his car, which was to be used in the kidnapping. Abston now faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence.

Detained Cleoth Abston will have some explaining to do to the police. Cameras caught him running after Fletcher and forcing her into his car. What happened after that, however, is a mystery. The information about how carefully he washed his car afterwards plays against him. “He was acting really weird about it,” the witness described.

A known repeat offender

Abston is no stranger to the police. He left prison two years ago after serving twenty years for the kidnapping and robbery of lawyer Kemper Duran. But he was in charge already in the nineties. He had run-ins with the law for assault or rape. “He was released from prison two years ago to do the same thing again,” Jackson was angry.

In addition to Cleoth Abston, the police also detained his brother Mário. Although he should have nothing to do with Fletcher’s disappearance, detectives found a semi-automatic pistol and drugs at his home.

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The family does not lose hope

Meanwhile, the family of the missing woman offered approximately one million two hundred thousand crowns for information that would lead to her finding. “We look forward to Eliza’s safe return and hope that the reward offered will help the police catch those who committed this crime.” Ms Fletcher’s family said in a joint statement read by Ms Fletcher’s uncle Michael Keeney.

Missing is the granddaughter of the late Joseph Orgill III, a Memphis hardware merchant and philanthropist. Although investigators were unable to locate Fletcher, they said in an arrest affidavit that they had key evidence that the runner was seriously injured. There are fears that the body found belongs to her.

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Does the found body belong to Eliza Fletcher (34)?

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