The best school systems are in Asia and northern Europe. Why are their students successful and what can we learn from them? | Education

They also include the TIMSS and PISA tests, which are administered in the Czech Republic by the Czech School Inspectorate and which offer the public a reliable comparison of student knowledge in different countries around the world.

Singapore scores well in math and science

The TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Studies) international surveys compare the knowledge of 4th and 8th graders in mathematics and science. The tests have been held every four years since 1995, the last investigation took place in 2019, so the next one will be held next year. However, some countries, including the Czech Republic, do not include their eighth graders in the survey and prefer PISA testing.

Anyway, the TIMSS survey compares what pupils have learned during four years of schooling in maths and science classes, asking about specific facts such as living and non-living nature and planet earth. In mathematics, it can be surprising for Czech children, for example, that in some problems they calculate with decimal numbers, which in our country are not discussed until the second grade.

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