I didn’t know it could be rape when it happened to me at home, in my own bed

I didn’t know it could be rape when it happened to me at home, in my own bed
I didn’t know it could be rape when it happened to me at home, in my own bed

“For a long time I thought it was just bad sex. It was terrible, but I didn’t think it could be a crime,” says Anna, who tells a story that begins at a school party in the first episode of Borders of Violence. The violence she experienced had a long-lasting effect on her mental health. Psychotherapist Dana Pokorná comments on the way in which victims experience it, as well as how Anna processed the experience. Psychologists from the Konsent organization talk about the social roots of sexual violence.

“It was not easy for Anna to name her experience for a long time. She herself was subject to social myths about what ‘real’ rape looks like,” comments psychotherapist Dana Pokorná from Terapie Zlatnická, head of psychotherapeutic services at the center for victims of domestic and sexual violence proFem. In the episode, he explains, for example, how much the reactions of those around him matter when rape occurs.

You will also hear psychologists Marcela Poláčková and Veronika Haumerová from the organization Consent, who use a story similar to Anna’s as a model in workshops at schools. He talks about how young people react to him: why they tend to mistrust the victims and excuse the perpetrators of sexual violence, especially if they are told that alcohol played a role in the story. The goal of the Consent lecturers is to convey the message that sex should be preceded by clearly expressed consent and that no one should force anyone into it.

“Now I have certain boundaries beyond which the train does not go,” says Anna, who also talks about how, thanks to working on herself, she was able to cope with her experience, stabilize herself mentally and live life to the fullest. “I see the biggest change in myself in communication. Before I was extremely closed, now I know the possibilities of how to express what troubles me, I can talk about it.”

Listen to the story that started at a party with classmates. Psychotherapists from helping organizations comment on the circumstances, consequences and also the social context of sexual violence, which neither the narrator Anna nor her friends could name correctly at first.

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The Borders of Violence podcast opens up about sensitive topics. Realizing them can be painful. But we are convinced that naming the problem is the first step to processing the trauma. If you need to be directed to professional help or if you just need to confide in us, write to us by email řineší@rozhlas.cz. You can also find a set of useful contacts here.

Author, playwright: Táňa Zabloudilova
Creative Producer: Veronica Ruppert
Guarantor: Daniel Kupšovsky
Visual: Nikola Logosová

Sound Master:
Jan Brauner

Monika Omerzu Midriaková

The article is in Czech

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