Senate elections 2022: When will they be and who is running?

September is election month this year. Except for the municipal ones, one third of the Senate will also be elected. The first round will take place on September 23 and 24, the second a week later. Practically the entire current leadership of the upper chamber will seek re-election. The mandate of the current chairman, Miloš Vystrčil, will also end. See which fights of people in party shirts will be worth watching.

The senatorial seat will be contested in twenty-seven constituencies, 179 candidates are seeking the mandate, of which 136 men and 43 women. It is less than in the previous elections, in 2016 over 230 candidates applied, similar to the ones the year before. According to the statistical office, the average age of candidates for senator this year is 56.55 years. Almost forty-two percent of the candidates are without political affiliation.

Which fights will be worth watching

Brno city, district 58

He defends the mandate Jiří Dusek, the director of the Brno observatory, who six years ago became a senator for ANO. But now it is deployed by the ODS with the ČSSD and other partners. Among other things, he will stand against him Petr Vokřál, former mayor of the city of Brno. He was brought into politics in 2014 by the then first vice-chairman of ANO Jaroslav Faltýnek. Four years later – also because of the Stoka case, Vokřál announced his departure from ANO. He will run for the Senate with the support of the movement.

Brno city, district 55

The Together Coalition deploys Tomáš Töpfer. According to the head of the ODS senate club Zdeňko Nytra, Töpfer has a close relationship with Brno, among other things, he filmed the well-known TV series Chetnické humoresky there. His opponents will be the director of the Tišnovsk hospital for ANO Borek Semrád, but also, for example, the regional chairman of STAN and the mayor of the village of Železné Radomír Pavlíček.

Pilsen the city

The mandate is defended by a seventy-three-year-old author of animal evening books Václav Chaloupek, is a STAN and OPAT candidate. The ANO movement nominated a sixty-nine-year-old horse racing driver and trainer Josef Vaňa. The SPOLU coalition nominated the 50-year-old mayor of Přestice in southern Pilsen, Karel Naxer. Daniela Kovářová, a 57-year-old independent lawyer, writer and former Minister of Justice, is also entering the fight for the senatorial seat. Jan Kůrka, the 79-year-old Olympic champion in sports shooting, will run for the SPD as an independent.

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Senate elections traditionally remain in the shadow of any others that take place in parallel with them. As it stands, a single number is the best evidence: Usually only fifteen percent of voters participate in the final, or the second round of senate elections. This fall will probably be no different.

Jana Havligerová

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Prague 10

He defends the mandate Renata Chmelovácandidate STAN. He will compete with her Jan Pirk, cardiac surgeon and former head of the Cardiocenter and Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery IKEM in Prague. He has not been involved in politics yet, but he was the chairman of the election committee of the presidential candidate Jan Fischer. TOP09 put him in the senatorial elections. Jiří Kobz (SPD), vice-chairman of the parliamentary committee for the environment and member of the foreign affairs committee, would like to exchange the parliamentary post for the senatorial post.

Prague 11

He defends the mandate Ladisav Kos, vice-chairman of the senatorial club “SENÁTOR 21 and Pirates” and vice-chairman of the economic committee of the Senate. The state will be against him Hana Kordová Marvanová, since 2018 city councilor for legislation and housing support. She represented the STAN movement, but this year she returned to the ODS, for which she is running not only for the Senate, but also for the Prague council. Another contender is Vladimír Špidla, ex-prime minister, currently director of the Masaryk Democratic Academy, a political institute of the ČSSD. And also former Prague mayor Tomáš Hudeček, who wants to run as an independent candidate.

Prague 6

The leadership of TOP 09 will be closely watching the race. The seat is being defended by the vice-chairman of the Senate Jiří Růžička. The pirates deployed their former MP in this constituency Dana Balcarova, which was devoted to the environment in the Chamber of Deputies, and participated in the changes to prevent a repeat of the disaster, such as the poisoning of Bečva. Lenka Helena Koenigsmark, who was nominated as an independent by the association Senátor 21, backed by Senator Václav Láska, will also try to replace Růžička in the Senate. The former chairman of the Prague organization ČSSD Petr Pavlík is also a candidate.

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Jihlava Senate district

The mandate will be defended by the President of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil, and he believes that he will succeed. The candidate of the ANO movement is Jana Nagyová, formerly Mayerová, who is indicted with the head of ANO Andrej Babiš in the case of subsidies for the construction of the Čapí nest. Josef Pavlík will run for the senatorial seat for the KSČM, Tomáš Nielsen for Pravo Respect Expertise and Václav Lhotský for the SPD. The DOMOV party sent Luďek Růžička into the fight for a seat in the Senate.

Czech voters will decide who will occupy Prague Castle for the next five years as president in the spring of 2023.

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Unsuccessful candidates from the presidential election in 2018, active and retired politicians, businessmen, people known and unknown, recognized and controversial, and one comedian. The list of potential candidates for president of the Czech Republic includes dozens of names and more are being added. What are they and how do bookmakers trust them? In June, bookmakers trust Andreja Babiš and Petar Pavlo the most. Babiš has not yet announced his candidacy, and will probably do so on the national holiday of October 28, Pavel will start his presidential campaign on September 6.

Dušan Kütner, CTK

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